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Life Skills For Kids, Learning App – Clean Rooms And Calm Attitudes!

Life Skills For Kids iPad App Review

Quit nagging your kids to clean up their rooms and let Tejas and Lollipop inspire them in this wonderfully peculiar learning app that teaches life skills for kids. This iPad Books app is packed with fun music, fresh graphics, likable characters and an imaginative storyline. Azawhistle Kids, by Leslie Hendry, features an original story about a red-headed, freckled–faced boy named Tejas and his calm and wise yoga-practicing dog named Lollipop. When Tejas finds himself overwhelmed by his very messy room, his best friend Lollipop comes to the rescue. Just like Tejas, your kids will learn practical life skills as they discover ways to relax, take charge, and then follow through to help everything find its proper home – making their rooms “clean AZA whistle!”

Azawhistle Kids Life Skills For Kids App Review

App Details

The overall theme in this educational learning app is that a tidy space is a happy space. The music is playful and there is a nice mix of animations and interactions throughout the story. The aqua, sherbet orange, and white graphics make the book feel fresh and clean. And there are 2 ways to enjoy reading this relaxing book. You and your kids can listen to the calm British narrator or turn off the sounds and read Azawhistle in a traditional book format. What initially sucked me into this life skills for kids learning app was the interesting interactions and sounds on the first page.

I discovered well done narration and many pleasant surprises hiding about the room after activating the animations. There are also nice attention-to-detail features such as the paw icons to turn pages and the convenient book index that quickly takes you to any of the 30 pages in this iOS app.

But the Azawhistle Kids’ book isn’t just about listening and reading, there are engaging learning activities as well that your kids are sure to enjoy. Each different activity requires your kids to respond and participate. To help your kids understand that everything has a home, they’ll need to think about and answer questions. Here are a few questions in this kids’ life skills learning app: “What lives in the closet?”; “Where Do the Toys Live” and “Where Do the Dirty Clothes Go?” The questions may not sound all that exciting, but the engagement part is fun.

iPad Life Skills For Kids App for iPad

One particular learning activity even takes advantage of the iPad’s accelerometer for a fun twist to the reading experience. I personally enjoyed seeing all the clutter in Tejas’ room shift and slide from one side of the screen to the other side. Another activity used multiplying text bubbles. When kids tap on an item it says the name of the object aloud. A text bubble then appears with the name of the object to show how clutter continues to grow and get bigger. But the cool thing here is that kids can tap on the object and the bubbles disappear one at a time, visually clearing the space.

Another of my favorite learning activities is putting the clutter away. Kids have to move the objects from the floor and put them into their correct homes. They get audio directions in the form of “bling” sounds and “boop-boop” sounds letting them know whether or not they’ve found the right home. Kids will also like hearing the silly and fun made-up words like “mashpotatoeing” and “Supertidydosalicious” that add a dash of humor to this iOS app that teaches life skills for kids.

The Azawhistle Kids learning app takes the drudgery out of cleaning and turns it into a fun task.

Overall Impression

The Azawhistle Kids Everything Has a Home: Tejas & Lollipop’s Great Clean Up! app is a wonderfully imaginative kids’ learning application that does a great job of teaching life skills for kids in a way that they can relate to. After reading this fun iPad book, your kids may actually want to clean their rooms – no nagging required!

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