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Kids Learn To Spell First Words With Fun Valentine Word Game App

iPhone App Review for First Words Valentine

Help your kids learn to spell their first words and have some fun while celebrating Valentine’s Day. First Words Valentine introduces 8 Valentine-themed words that are sure to excite and motivate your little preschooler or toddler. This iPhone and iPad Education app teaches kids individual letters, letter names, sounds, spelling, and word pronunciation through a fun, interactive word building game. And although parents will love this Valentine’s Day app because it helps kids learn to spell, it’s the colorful graphics, themed words, and silly animations that are sure to steal your child’s heart.

Educational Game App First Words Valentine Review

How Kids Learn To Spell With First Words Valentine

This preschool and toddler app is simple, sweet and appropriate for young children. It’s perfect for laying a foundation that encourages early spellers and pre-readers to progress to a beginner reading level. First Words Valentine also comes with a variety of learning methods and difficulty settings that parents can control. These options will keep this educational tap-and-drag word game interesting and challenging.

There are several settings in the Game Options that can be changed such as: Word Order (shortest to longest, random or alphabetical), Letter Length (3-10 letters), and Letter Order (left to right or any). There are also settings for use of Letter Hints, Letter Case, Speech (on/off), Say Word On Entry and Spelling Speed (fast, medium or slow).

Educational iPhone App First Words Valentine Toddler App

But the fun part of this Education app comes in actually learning the 8 Valentine’s Day words. Kids will learn to spell the words: rose, kiss, love, candy, heart, cupid, friend, and valentine. The words are presented on the iPhone or iPad screen one at a time and each has its own animation and unique sound.

Each Valentine word appears spelled out on a transparent block of letters at the top of the page. There are solid letter tiles at the bottom of the page for kids to drag into the top area. Letter tiles are not in correct order, so it’s up to your child to choose the right letter and then drag it into the correct letter spot to complete the word.

When your child taps on any letter along the bottom of the screen, the letter name is spoken. This reinforces letter recognition and letter pronunciation. One nice thing about this preschool and toddler app is that it helps young kids by not allowing a wrong letter to be placed into an incorrect letter box.

iPhone Education Game for toddlers to learn to spell

There are also animated visual clues to help kids locate the right letter home, since letters refuse to go in place if it’s not placed in the correct spot. But the most entertaining aspect of the First Words Valentine app is when a word is completed. Each letter pops forward as the individual letter and says its own name before going into a crazy spinning animation with fun sound effects. With each letter animation and sound, kids start to understand letter placement in a word and over all word spelling.

Final Thoughts

First Words Valentine is a sweet way to help your preschoolers and toddlers learn to spell. Not only does this free app provide worthy educational content, but it’s a really nice way to bond and share some love with your little sweetheart(s) this Valentine’s Day.

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Learning Touch LLC
iOS Universal application, Education, Cost: Free, version: 1.0
First Words Valentine
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 02/14/2014
First words, word building game with a fun Valentine's Day theme.
4 / 5 stars

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