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Sushi Monster, Kids Math Game Makes Math Drills Fun!

iPhone App Review for the Sushi Monster app

Let’s face it, for most parents, getting your kids interested in math drills is a tough sell. But Sushi Monster, by Scholastic, is a crazy and fun math game that’s sure to grab their attention. This free iPhone and iPad Education app was designed for kids 9-11 years of age and meets Common Core State Standards. And if played for at least 10 minutes a day, Sushi Monster will help increase your kids’ math fact fluency in the areas of addition and multiplication. And because this monster math game is a lot of fun to play, it won’t be long before your kids actually enjoy practicing their math drills each day!

Free Kids Math App for the iPhone

Math Drill Details

The Sushi Monster kids’ math game features fun Asian-inspired graphics, funny music and sounds, and a crew of weird looking monsters waiting to be fed. The math drills begin when your ravenous monster pops up from behind the counter after a variety of sushi dishes are tossed onto the counter top. And on each of these plates is a number. Along the top of your game screen you’ll see 3 things: Target Numbers, Number Sentence, and Score.

Your child is given a couple of Target Numbers to solve. And whatever the given Target Number is will be the number the Sushi Monster wears around its neck. It’s your child’s job to quickly and accurately choose a variety of plate numbers to create an equation that equals the given Target Number. The chosen plate numbers will populate up in the Number Sentence box, showing the math equation in action as the plates are being selected. If your child chooses the right set of numbers, then the Sushi Monster happily gobbles up the sushi it craves; but if not, this rowdy monster shoves the plates back and it’s time to move on to the next Targeted Number given.

Kids Free iPhone Math Game

There are 12 levels in total (7 addition and 5 multiplication). Each level has 4 rounds with 14 Target Numbers. Kids earn (score) points for correct answers, as well as earn stars (1-3) in each level, which depends on the amount of correct answers per level. This kids’ math game requires kids to solve equations in a certain sequence before moving onto the next level, but once a level is completed it can be replayed with different numbers.

Each level becomes progressively more difficult. The Levels are timed, but they don’t count against your child’s score. If your child prefers no pressure at all, the timed component can be turned off in the Settings area. And if you find the music distracting you can turn this off as well. If your child needs a helpful nudge on a math solving technique, there is a helpful “?” icon that gives a tip. Kids will earn trophies for completing the 2 game modes and also for collecting all 30 stars.

Math Game App Review for Sushi Monster

There’s a lot to like about this kids’ math game, but if it weren’t for the variety of weird looking monsters it could quickly become redundant since there are only 12 levels of multiplication and addition. However, there are plenty of things happening in each level to keep your kids on their toes and engaged. And as far as math drills go, Sushi Monster is a really nice break from the standard boring math drills that kids try to avoid like the plague.

Final Thoughts

This free math Education app makes practicing math drills a whole lot more fun than non-game standard math drills, and should be a great motivator towards increasing math fact fluency in the areas of addition and multiplication.

If you think Sushi Monster would be a great app to help your child improve his or her addition and multiplication skills, you can download this iOS Universal app now using the iTunes App Store link below.

And if you’re looking for another fun kids’ game for learning basic math facts, be sure to check out Monkey Math – Jetpack Adventure. This Education app is best suited for kids 6-8 years old and focuses on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

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Developer: Scholastic
iOS Universal Education app, Cost: Free, v 1.6.1
Sushi Monster
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 02/25/2014
Fun and free math app for kids featuring 7 levels of addition and 5 levels of multiplication gameplay.
4 / 5 stars

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  1. first grader says:

    REALLY FUN! i play it on ipad at school 😀

  2. mrscrazymike says:

    It’s hard not to like this fun and whacky game. The graphics remind me a lot of the adult swim game: Monsters Ate My Condo. But as a mom, I’m always looking for Kids apps that are fun and educational — especially when it comes to dreaded math! : )


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