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Kids Songs App – Fun Bluegrass Music And Instrument Playing

Barnyard Bluegrass, by Whynoceros?, is a fun kids songs app that’ll have your children engaged in hours of singing, instrument exploring, and lots of bluegrass hoedown fun. This entertaining music app features interactive music and great instrument education learning as kids visit the farm.



Barnyard Bluegrass has 4 different areas to explore: Singing, Playing, Pickin’, and Exploring. In this kids songs app there are plenty of interactive opportunities, starting with the sing-along page. Kids will immediately recognize some classic and favorite kids songs like “Old MacDonald” and “Turkey in the Straw.” There are other songs that aren’t as familiar, but are equally entertaining nonetheless.

And if you don’t know all the songs, there’s no need to worry because this kids songs app comes complete with words to help you and your child sing along. Kids can also gather the bluegrass farm band on the front porch for an interactive “jam” session. Here you’ll want to encourage your kids to touch everything everywhere to really get things moving and discover all the interactive opportunities that Barnyard Bluegrass has to offer.



The developer, Whynoceros?, does a great job of introducing bluegrass instruments (bass, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and the infamous fiddle) through interactions, listening, and playing opportunities such as the ones you’ll find in the Playing section. Here kids can select a “music lick” to listen to for their chosen instrument. Each instrument’s individual notes can be heard and played in major scale (on the haystack) and in minor scale (on the ladder), teaching music in a fun and engaging way.



This kids songs app isn’t just about having fun, there’s another educational aspect that comes into “play” with the bluegrass instrument descriptions. There are also music samples that can be heard on the several musical notes provided, a Read To Me button provided for the description portion, and finally, if you like the songs you heard you can purchase them through in-app purchase within the app.

So, kick up your heels and get ready for some energetic and educational music hoedown fun with the Barnyard Bluegrass kids songs app!

*Barnyard Bluegrass is regularly priced at $1.99, but is currently a free app for a limited time. And you can download this educational music app now using the App Store link below.

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