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Kids vs Goblins – Epic Action Adventure With A Tad RPG

Update – 03/18/12 – We missed a couple key features of the game and also wanted to see how this app’s awesome graphics would look on our new iPad 3rd generation — see for yourself with the new included video below.

Kids vs Goblins (by Crescent Moon Games) will challenge you as you become a trio of siblings on mission to save your younger brother from the evil Goblin King and embark upon 30 extensive missions filled with waves, through 6 unique environments, and all with the help of 60 unlockable spells, which are necessary to be successful. This game is a mix between an action adventure game and an RPG game, revolving around a magical story of 3 unsuspecting kids forced to become heros in order to save their youngest brother, who if not saved, will meet his demise by being eaten by the Goblin King. The children are given special powers from an abandoned pirate ship, which is where the Goblins came from in the first place, on what is now called Goblin Island. The kids quickly find that they’ll need the special powers imbued upon them to fight their way to the Goblin King’s castle to get their brother back. The siblings’ powers come from the 60 unlockable spells, each spell provides a unique capability like either attack or heal; there are also support spells as well. 8)

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There are a number of unique game modes while playing through the 30 extensive wave-filled missions, some require killing all monsters, others challenge you to use a variety of spells that you do not choose (Roulette), and which are changed out every 30 seconds. There is an endless mode that can be unlocked, which means you can play this level (and there are multiples of endless levels), well forever or until you die (in the game that is). During my testing I found the game to be fast-loading, it had excellent graphics and sound effects, and presented challenging gameplay right off the bat. Mastering the spell knowledge base and what spells work on what monster is key to survival (again), and advancing in this game is dependent upon your breadth of knowledge and use of those 60 unlockable spells. Kids vs Goblins is an intriguing action adventure with an interesting story of a noble mission to rescue a baby brother — will he become dinner for the evil Goblin King or will you save him in the nick of time? Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Kids vs Goblins iPad App Details

Title: Kids vs Goblins
Price: $2.99
Category: Games
Size: 118.4 MB
Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Kids vs Goblins iPad App Download Link

Kids vs Goblins - Crescent Moon Games

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Kids vs Goblins iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
Kids vs Goblins for iPhone 4S and iPad 2! Will not run on iPhone 4 & iPod touch!

Kids vs Goblins is a game about three children that are stranded on a magical island with their baby brother after a wild storm. During the night, their brother is kidnapped by two wicked Goblins. The children are woken by his cries and make ready to battle for their baby brother! The goblins work for the mighty Goblin King, who they must find and defeat. Fortunately they have some help in the form of magical powers they gain from a mysterious source. With their combined powers, courage and your help they will triumph! Or will they?

Kids vs Goblins is an action adventure game with RPG elements. You control the three heroes simultaneously, by dragging lines from them to their destination, or by double tapping to move them as a group. Before each mission, you assign the spells you want to use. With the magical stones you will gather you can unlock powerful and unique spells such as ‘Fire Hammer Flurry’, ‘Chain Lightning’ and ‘Dinner Table’. Each situation asks for a different approach, so try out different strategies and don’t forget to heal your heroes when they take damage!

Kids vs Goblins has a low learning curve that is suitable for all kinds of players, but also offers strategic depth in the selection of spells for each mission. The 6 different surroundings take the player across snowy mountain peaks and through dark, damp caves to the Castle of Doom at the climax of this epic tale. With over 60 unique spells and more than 30 challenging missions Kids vs Goblins offers hours of unique gameplay, and many more for those players who want to find the most powerful spell combinations in the game. Besides the story you can play levels in endless mode, where you have to fight off a never-ending horde of enemies, and roulette mode, where the games decides which spells to use. Get ready to be mesmerized and excited by the magical world of Kids vs Goblins.

* 3 playable heroes
* 6 different environments to discover
* Over 60 unlockable spells; explore their combinations and synergies
* Over 30 challenging missions
* Original soundtrack with different themes for every level
* Compelling story
* Step-by-step in game tutorial
* Highly replayable

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* Kids vs Goblins will run on iPad 2 & iPhone 4s only! The game will not run on iPhone 4 or iPod touch!

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