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Kingdom Rush – Ginormous Fun, Now on Android (Video)

Kingdom Rush is a huge action Tower Defense game that originated on the iOS platform, and is now available for Android. Kingdom Rush has it all: 8 towers, 18 tower abilities, 50 different enemies, 9 heroes, boss battles, 60 achievements, and hours of gameplay.

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The Kingdom Rush description does not lie when it says, “Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours.” This Tower Defense game packs a lot of action into each long level. You’re given 8 bodacious towers to defend your lands with from marauding enemies. Most Towers are ranged attacking towers such as archers and wizards. However, there are solider towers that provide hand-to-hand fighting.



There are also awesome Heroes that you unlock as you play through the levels. The Heroes’ moves can be placed where you need them and definitely give you help where you need it. The number of levels of waves increases as you progress through the game. By the 3rd level, it took me around 20 to 30 minutes to complete that level.



Kingdom Rush played fantastically on the Galaxy Nexus and is worth the $1.99 purchase. While the game is paid, there is an in-app purchase option, but the in-app purchase is not necessary for hearty players.

Kingdom Rush is a must have Android game that will not leave you disappointed!

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