Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD – Mega Fantastic TD Game (Video)

Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD is an epic tower defense game. This Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD app is bigger and better than the original Kingdom Rush, featuring awesome tower upgrades, 9 heroes, 40 enemies and wicked boss battles to endure.

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The original Kingdom Rush Tower Defense game was and still is a huge hit. Ironhide Games, knowing a good thing when they see one, developed an extremely great follow-up to the original game. Many times game development studios cannot successfully pull off an almost exact copy of the original game. But, Ironhide has done this masterfully. The gameplay is identical to the first Kingdom Rush game. However, there are new enemies, new tougher levels, new towers, and many extras.

The biggest plus for me from this game is that once you buy the game you get countless hours of TD gameplay. There are no in-app purchases necessary to play this game after paying for it. And nowadays, this is a real benefit for consumers.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD is a “mega fantastic” tower defense game that will keep you busy for quite a while!


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