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KIZ Wood Shapes – Realistic Wood Blocks for Young Kids!

KIZ Wood Shapes(by BuxPod) is an iOS Universal kids’ app that brings to the iPad the simplicity of playing with real wood block shapes but adds the pizzazz of modern technology. This app features nice 2D graphics, realistic wood sound effects (and others), along with many random levels to entertain young kids for hours. I must say that there’s something so comforting and traditional about kids playing with wood blocks. Buxpod has managed to deliver the same classic wood shape blocks gameplay (that almost every child starts out playing with) but has pushed it to a fresh new level with the introduction of the latest technology — the iPhone/iPad.

I know my kids happily spent many hours exploring shapes and colors while they built numerous stackable structures over and over again — when they were little. Upon the opening screen your little one will be greeted with calm but upbeat music, a pleasant woodgrain background, and lots of colorful bouncy blocks just begging to be played with. If you like, your child can go right into Play and be immediately transported into a classic wood-type game board with the colored shapes in their correct locations (initially), but almost before you realize it, they’ll magically move into a rectangular box in the bottom left of the screen for your child to start placing on the board. With the blocks in the starting position, your child simply has to drag each block and place it into the right cutout in the gameboard. The shape doesn’t just have to be dragged to the right corresponding location but also the appropriate directional cutout in order for it to fit (vertical or horizontal). If the block shape is placed correctly, your child will hear a magical twinkling sound, and if not — a thunking wood sound. But when the board is all completed he or she will hear an affirming round of applause — job well done!

ipad kids video app demosipad kids video app demos

You or your child can reset the current gameboard with different colored blocks each time by tapping the undo arrow icon or can move to another game board with the restart arrow icon to advance to the random and different boards (with a varied number of shape cutouts on each). Music and sounds can be turned on or off at anytime when playing on any of the game boards (located in the top left), but personally I liked them both and found them soothing and encouraging.

If your child wants to enjoy something a little less structured, then there is a free-style type play located back on the main page (just use the House icon to take you there again). This free-style play can be found through the Baby button. Once inside this bonus area, your child will find all kinds of colorful block shapes floating around. This is a great place for little ones to explore because the shapes can be simply flung, swung, or twirled around as well as moved using the accelormeter — just watch them spin and bump off each other to activate that same magical twinkling sound heard throughout the other gameplay. Initially, the Baby bonus area isn’t available upon opening the app, but once you share this app on Facebook your child is free to explore and enjoy from that point on.

This iPad Games app (for baby/toddlers) is a great idea for taking a classic learning/playing activity and making it modern. The navigation and user interface is simple to use, the music and sounds are compelling, and the graphics are colorful and pleasant. I think the addition of having the kids manipulate the way the shapes fit into the cutouts (by turning them until they fit correctly) would be a nice extra for more fine motor skill training. Regardless, KIZ Wood Shapes is a well done application for young children. If you’d like to see how this classic is transformed by the iPad, check out the iPad video app demo below. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos.

Kiz Wood Shapes iPad App Details

Title: Kiz Wood Shapes
Price: $1.99
Category: Games
Size: 11.1 MB
Developer: BuxPod
Store: iTunes App Store

Kiz Wood Shapes iPad App Download Link

KIZ Wood Shapes - BuxPod

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Kiz Wood Shapes iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Wood Shapes brings to your iPad and iPhone the old fashioned wooden toys. Drag shapes into the right holes, enjoy amazing visual and sound effects while listening at relaxing background music.
All of this made for kids.

✔ Unlimited random levels
✔ Realistic 2D graphics
✔ Realistic Sound Effects
✔ Universal for iPad and iPhone
✔ Original background music

✭✭ Share on Facebook by tapping on the Bonus icon to activate it for your pre kids ✭✭

Once activated the bonus move the device or drag shapes on screen to make then bounce and shine around.

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