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KoolrPix Celebrate America! Photography App

Part of the 4th of July fun is capturing memorable moments through photos, and the KoolrPix Celebrate America! app does just that. This iPhone Photography app is packed with all kinds of fun and meaningful templates, stamps, frames and more to give your photos a big patriotic punch.

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The KoolrPix Celebrate America! iPhone app comes with 52 templates, 87 stamps, 21 frames, 34 patterns and 26 presets to help you express your patriotic sentiment, whether you’re on the funny or serious side of life.

One of the most entertaining aspects about the KoolrPix Celebrate America! app is turning yourself or someone else you know into an American icon by using 1 of the 6 character templates provided. Simply insert your face and you can become Captain America, Wonder Woman, the Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, and others. There are lots of fun accessories and stamps to add to your photos to give them additional flair. You can add sunglasses, flags, hats, an American pie, eagles, and a whole lot more.

The process can be easy enough, but there is a ton of editing functionality throughout the app that may throw a bit of a learning curve at some. However, the developers provide handy instructions everywhere if you need them. So, the creation process can be quick and easy or as time consuming depending on your desired end results.

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You start off by selecting a template and then choosing a photo from your camera roll, or you can take a photo on the fly. Then you have additional options for the layout format. If you like, you can even finger paint a custom message on your template. There are numerous stamps to choose from, but I liked having the option to also add my own custom photo cutouts to the templates for additional customization.

Next, you’ll add your custom message. Adding text can get a little tricky, especially sizing and making sure your whole message fits on the finished image, but after you play around a bit, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. And when you’re all done, save your patriotic image to your camera roll, add to a contact, copy it, and AirPrint. You can also share your KoolrPix Celebrate America! creation with others via email within the app.

KoolrPix Celebrate America! is a great Photography app that makes creating and sharing our American patriotism a lot of fun this July 4th.

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