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KottuKali – Family-Friendly, Fun 3-In-A-Row Game

This traditional strategy/logic game features single or two-player game modes, 3 difficulty settings and 3 vibrant and animated themes to inspire you as you play. Although the gameplay itself is similar to Tic Tac Toe, the imaginative graphics and gameplay mechanics for the 3 different themed game boards create a fresh spin (literally) on this strategic thinking 3-in-a-row game.

KottuKali can be enjoyed playing alone by competing against the computer or with a family member or friend on the same device. The game is divided into 3 difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard (can be adjusted on the slider in the settings) and into 3 lovely game board themes with their own unique animations, sounds and music. The easy level is great for young kids allowing them to get the upper hand and ultimately be rewarded with a cute congratulatory animation when the game is won.

The other levels obviously increase in difficulty depending on the range selected — all can easily be enjoyed by a wide age group. The first game board theme is reminiscent of a beautiful spring day with chirping bird sounds, and features ladybugs and flowers as the moveable game pieces (coins). The second game theme will make you drool due to all the sweet treats seen in this Candy Land where sugary orange slices and hard candy are your moveable game pieces — it didn’t even bother me to lose to the computer — who can be upset when a yummy cupcake is letting you down easy (it is holding a “Computer Won” sign). The third game board transports you to a relaxing beach setting where the sound of seagulls and waves can be heard.

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Overall, I think the graphics, sounds and gameplay are very appealing and well done — they’ll draw you in and make you want to play the game for sure. The navigation and ease of movement around the application are pretty solid. You’ll see that the Help and Main Menu buttons are always present during gameplay for clear instructions (text and graphic) and quick exit/navigation, along with reminders to make sure you really want to exit the current game in progress before leaving. Although there are not a ton of game boards, this iPhone/iPad game is a nice, family-friendly, 3-in-a-row game that can be enjoyed by many. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete walkthrough of KottuKali. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

KottuKali iPhone App Details

Title: KottuKali
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 19.4 MB
Developer: Enfin Technologies
Store: iTunes App Store

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KottuKali - Enfin Technologies

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KottuKali iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Kottukali, Brain Stimulating & Interesting Game

To boost up the mind has never been so easy! KottuKali is a traditional two-player game in which a player can compete or challenge another player or also play in a single mode. Having three modes; easy, medium and hard makes it simple for the player to set a game with his choice of level.

The best part of the game is, its music and themes will never let you get bored of it. Make your brain ready for this simple game. It is easy to learn and you can spend hours playing this. It has attractive animated themes and entertaining music.


● Easy to learn and Play
● Simple rules to play making it easy for even kids understand
● Play in a single mode or against another person
● Single Player and Two Player Options
● Great HD graphics and harmonious sound effects
● Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod
● Supports iOS 3.0 or later

Refresh your mind, relive the stress and improve your logical skills with this one-of-its-kind strategy game. So, what are you waiting for? Just experience it.
What’s new
Language Localization for more countries.
Bugs fixed based on user provided feedback.
New UI Changes & Effects.
High definition intro video.
Performance improved.

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