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Kroco Gems HD – Got Gems……Feed Those Hungry Krocos!

Kroco Gems HD (by Dracoders) is a block-dropping style game with a fresh new twist. It features anxious and hungry Krocos on a mission to feed their empty bellies with the coveted gems throughout the 40 levels of gameplay in Story mode, and 5 difficulty settings in Classic game mode (*Disclaimer: this app may become habit forming*). Kroco Gems is based on the grandfather of all block-dropping games, Tetris, but the “fresh new twist” literally makes this new block-dropping game unique. The backstory to this game is rather interesting: the created Krocos (dragon-like creatures) have developed a huge appetite for the shiny large gems, but the gems are the main life source for the Sugar Fairies — see where the conflict sets in?

Your main objective is to get the gem from the top of the game board down to the bottom before time runs out by sliding, rotating, and moving the blocks in order to complete a solid line of blocks. The game starts off with a screen filled with a variety of gem blocks, all of different sizes and shapes, like squares, L’s, straight lines, and many others. Since the blocks have essentially all been put in place, your job is to move them by sliding them from side-to-side, and when you double tap on them, they rotate. You will work the tall tower of blocks down to the bottom, where getting the large gem to the bottom of the game board successfully completes a level or a stage in difficulty mode — this makes the Krocos very happy.

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There are a variety of power-ups ranging from increased time to bombs that blow up blocks; there are also combo score multipliers for successfully clearing multiple levels at a time. During my testing I found the game to be rather addictive. Yes, I know this is soooo cliche, but the game has a very nice quality about it that makes the gameplay comfortable and enjoyable — and that was enough to suck me into it. The Krocos are a rambunctious bunch and it is also evident from the choice of music and gremlin-like sounds within the game (one must assume it’s the Krocos), but they are funny and kind of take you by surprise upon opening the game for the first time. Kroco Gems HD is a great block-dropping style game that should keep you entertained for a good long time. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Kroco Gems HD iPad App Details

Title: Kroco Gems HD
Price: $2.99
Size: 17.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Dracoders
Store: iTunes App Store

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Kroco Gems HD - Dracoders

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Kroco Gems HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
It’s not what you think!! It’s Kroco Gems, an addicting new concept gem puzzle game!!

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, an enchanting world existed that was full of beautiful, shiny, large, and colorful gems that filled this land. The gems were very important and the lifeblood of the residents of this place, which happened to be the sugar fairies. The sweet, yet powerful sugar fairies fiercely guarded the gems, as their very existence was inside the gems.

However, one day a curious young fairy was experimenting with a magical spell on a dragon and a rock when she became distracted, and something went terribly wrong. The dragon and rock spell formed new creatures called Krocos.

The Krocos would soon become the enemies of the sweet Sugar Fairies, because they too desired to have all the gems. With one taste of the delicious coveted gems, the Krocos have wanted to eat all the gems, and have relentlessly sought their beloved morsels. Ever since then, the sugar fairies have been guarding and keeping the gems from the Krocos.

Help the starving Krocos remove all the blocks and reach their scrumptious, large, shiny, and colorful gem morsels!

*Kroco Gems is a fast-paced puzzle game that is simple to play, but will keep you playing for hours.

*Move the stacked blocks with a touch or turn them with two touches.

*Create complete horizontal lines to destroy the blocks, allowing the gems to reach the bottom so the Krokos can eat them

*You better hurry though, because if time runs out the sugar fairies will steal the gems from grasp of the hungry Krocos!

*Create consecutive combinations and earn powerful bonuses that will help you destroy the blocks faster!

*Complete the Story mode, which is 40 levels long to unlock the doors of the sugar plum fairies mythical castle of gems, so the Krocos can feast until their bellies are full!


* 14 different types of blocks

* 40 levels of game play (Story Mode)

* 4 power-up bonuses to help destroy blocks faster

* 5 difficulty levels, see how fast you can complete each level to the the Krocos champion (Classic Mode)

*Challenge friends for the high score in both game modes through Game Center

Dracoders and Bitween wish you to have lots of fun…and advise you not to wear precious gems while playing Krocos Gems!

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