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Kung Splat Monkey – The Power of Monkey Poo

This Kung Splat, A.K.A (Poo), Monkey doles out some wicked punishment on his jungle enemies in the form of poo splats all throughout this vine-swinging, banana-eating iPhone and iPad action adventure game. Yes, you play as a vine-swinging monkey through the level gameplay swiping your way through the forest past rattle snakes and scorpions who are trying to take you out along the way, and when your ammo is low, what else is a monkey to do — how about throw some poo! This funny indie game features numerous levels and 2 un-lockable mini games (Skills and Dojo). The object for each level is to reach the golden banana, which requires you to safely make it past the numerous enemies by throwing your “monkey poo” at them along the way to take them out. You’ll need to eat more bananas to replenish your ammo. Once you get to the end of each level, you will find the coveted golden banana covered with blocks, and sometimes enemies forcing you to figure out (solve) how to get your monkey hands on that banana.

iphone game app reviewsiphone game app reviews

I enjoyed the overall game concept, as well as tossing poo at the enemies while playing; I guess that is the juvenile side of me. As far as the app mechanics go, you’ll need to tap directly on the buttons or you may find that they do not engage — there is a slight noticeable delay when going in and out of different screens in this game. The overall game is funny and imaginative, and with a little sprucing up of the physics, this game could be a big hit. A beneficial add to this game would be more monkey level mayhem, possibly even different areas like a rain forest, mountains, river environments with different enemies, and even something like sniper vision so my monkey can take out any enemy with a stealthy poo attack. But regardless, Kung Splat Monkey is a fun and humorous indie action adventure game, which is also available on, as well as the Google Play Store for Androids and Kindle Fire devices. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete demonstration of this game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Kung Splat Monkey iPhone App Details

Title: Kung Splat Monkey
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 11.3 MB
Developer: interAlia LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

Kung Splat Monkey iPhone App Download Link

Kung Splat Monkey - interAlia LLC

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Kung Splat Monkey iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Addictive and Challenging! Help Kung “Splat” Monkey in this vine-swinging, banana-eating, “splat” throwing action adventure. Wise in the ancient arts, help our hero defeat an array of jungle villains with the only resource available… What to do when the “splat” runs low? Eat bananas of course. Collect the golden banana at the end of each level and power up for the next adventure!

Do you have what it takes to become a Kung “Splat” Master?

+ Top 5 Amazon “Hot New Releases” (March 2012)
+ “A cool little (splat) throwing adventure!” – AppsBabe

+ Innovative Gameplay with Intuitive controls!
+ Several levels of “splat” throwing fun!
+ Unlock skill building mini games!
+ Each level has a structure you can demolish!
+ Great for getting your gaming quick fix.
+ Don’t forget the super cute monkey!
We are always looking for good ideas! Let us know what you would like to see and we’ll work hard to drop it into the next upgrade! Thank you for your continued support!
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