Ladies Love A Sharp-Dressed Man….How to Tie a Tie Free!

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Dressing the part is not always easy, especially when you want to tie a necktie like the pros. Unfortunately, this is something many of us guys have struggled with. I have even found that when stopping by my local department stores, I’ve had a hard time finding someone who could teach me how to tie a tie properly. But while perusing through the iTunes App Store, I found a fantastic, FREE iOS Universal Reference app for tying neckties, called How to Tie a Tie FREE, by ArtelPlus.

free ipad app reviewsfree ipad app reviews

This application is well designed and contains no fluff nor distractions, other than some expected advertising at the bottom of the actual tie-tying, step-by-step instructions. This app features 12 different necktie methods (ranging from the Atlantic to the Windsor) and everything in between. Once downloaded, all you have to do is select your necktie and scroll through the well-designed and animated pages following the excellent instructions to completion. This app is a “do what is says” app, in that it does exactly what it says it does — teaches you how to tie a tie for free. And, we all know that women love a sharp-dressed man!

How to Tie a Tie Free, iPad App Developer Description

– iOS Universal
– Simple step-by-step instructions illustrated by pictures for those who need to tie a necktie quickly.
– You won’t need any help from your wife or any other person.

The advantage of the application HowTo Tie a Necktie is that it gives you a wide choice of the most popular tie knots. You will be able to tie one of the following well-known tie knots:
1. Atlantic
2. Diagonal
3. Four-in-hand
4. Half Windsor
5. Kelvin
6. Oriental
7. Persian
8. Plattsburg
9. Pratt
10. Simple Double
11. St. Andrew
12. Windsor

How to Tie a Tie Free iPad App Download

How to Tie a Tie Free - ArtelPlus

How to Tie a Tie FreeiPad App Details

Title: How to Tie a Tie Free
Cost: FREE
Category: Reference
Size: 6.8 MB
Developer: ArtelPlus
Store: iTunes App Store

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