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Lanterns, Matching Game – Plenty of Zen, Swipe Gameplay (Video)

Lanterns is an Oriental themed and graphically arousing matching game app for the iPhone and iPad. You will encounter pleasant music and stunning visuals in a Zen-like atmosphere filled with paper lanterns and simple swiping gameplay. While this game plays as a match 3 game, it does so with familiar Fruit Ninja swipe gameplay.

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Game Overview

Your goal is to swipe 4 different types of paper lanterns as they float from the bottom of the screen to the top. But the catch is – you only have 1 minute of time to do that. Your time can be extended, but it ain’t easy.

Each lantern color provides a different benefit and round shapes will level you up, increasing the game difficulty. Although you only need to swipe 3 matching lanterns to complete a match, you’ll really see your score skyrocket when getting chains of 4 or more lanterns. To learn more, watch the App Video above.

Overall, it’s easy to be consumed by this game, so here is my *Addiction Warning: Lanterns’ swipe gameplay and Zen atmosphere may cause you to play repeatedly. And why not, it is a lot of fun!

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