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League of Evil 2, Punch Your Way Through 100s of Levels (iPhone Video)

League of Evil 2 is a killer, a fun micro-frenzied platformer game that picks up where the first game left off. Yes, “Evil Scientists” are in the works to take over the world, but not before you pummel them into the ground. This iOS Games app features a rich cartoon backstory, over 100 levels of intense “bite size” platform gameplay, achievements, leaderboards, and so on.

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League of Evil 2 is insanely fast paced. I found myself, at times while playing this game, contorting my body and clinching my face as I tried to get a “perfect run”. This is because each levels objective is pretty demanding. What makes the objectives tough to complete are the thoughtfully designed, challengingly levels.

Ravenous Games has created crazy obstacle course levels that usually take more than 1 or 2 runs to complete. But, that’s what makes this game so great. Well, that and the awesome controls, as well as my favorite part, punching the scientists into tiny pieces of flesh!

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