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– When I first saw League of Evil on the AppStore, I thought it would be a sub-par platformer trying to rock retro graphics. I decided to take the plunge and purchase it for only 99 cents. When I opened it, I was immediately immersed in fun graphics and great game-play. It turned out to be one of my “better” purchases on the AppStore. The controls are THE BEST controls that I have used with ANY platformer on the AppStore thus far. The different environments and groovy music can keep almost anyone entertained. There are various enemies to dodge such as men with guns and shooting turrets. There are also a few different obstacles which include but are not limited to: electric spikes, spinning spikes, and walls placed in bad places to mess you up. Not to mention, one of the OpenFeint achievements has a nice twist on a popular meme. 😉 The game gives you a constant urge to complete the levels as fast as you can while collecting all of the briefcases. Your aim is to exterminate all of the evil scientists in the shortest amount of time to earn stars. It’s one of those games that engages you and makes it hard to put down. There is only one downfall to this app: the entire game can be completed in 2 days of casual gaming. There is not much game-play compared to Angry Birds which is the same price (at the time of this review). But overall, I definitely recommend you check this one out; it’s worth your time and your dollar.

Broken down into bits that are easier to read:

iPhone App Features:

Over 55 levels of plat-forming fun

Neat retro graphics

Cool soundtrack

Various enemies/obstacles

No two levels are alike

iPhone App Icon:

Looks very slick and has a pixel-art scientist from the game.


The game uses its retro pixel-art graphics well. The sprites and images fit the game perfectly with that “old-school” feel.
iphone app iphone app


There are a variety of sound tracks throughout the game which keep it fresh throughout your gaming session.

Re-play Value:

This app packs a huge amount of re-play value. I personally found myself going to play this app over 15 times a day!


iPhone App Details

Title: League of Evil
Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Ravenous Games
Store: iTunes App Store

League of Evil - Ravenous Games

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