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Legal Heat-Arm Yourself With CCW Gun Knowledge!

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution provides for the right of US citizens to bear arms. This Android Book & Reference app provides you with an abundance of information and knowledge on CCW laws, Open Carry laws, Transport Rules, and Attorney Generals’ contact information for all 50 states — and the District of Columbia, Washington D.C. Being a former police officer, I was a bit skeptical of the ability for any application (iOS or Android OS) to accurately provide gun law information that is updated for all 50 states. This app appears to do so on both platforms and does it beautifully. Legal Heat has a super easy-to-use interface with a slide wheel to select the state that you are looking for specific information on, with an appropriate bullet rating system from 1-5 — with 5 being the most gun friendly.

The categories of information already mentioned all use the slide wheel function, except for the Attorney Generals information which is a long page with state flags for state identification. When selecting any of the gun law informational tabs after selecting your state you will be provided the legal laws for that state. To my surprise the documents for several states were said to be updated and asked if I would like to update them before viewing, which shows the developers have put some time to make this app super accurate. Optionally, you can also download all 50 states’ Concealed Carry laws with a tap of the button when inside any of the gun law tabs.

I am a gun proponent, not a zealot, but I found a few things interesting when viewing gun laws inside this Android application. The gun laws in Illinois and District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) are so strict that they fall under a rate of no bullets, but rather a grave stone and a check of the laws show no apparent rights for citizens to carry a CCW. Now, one would think that States that adopt these strict gun control measures would have less crime, but guess what? That is not the case. A factual check will show you that the gun crimes, such as murder, are out of control in Chicago and Washington D.C. I am thankful to live in Florida and be in a 4 bullet friendly state, and a believer in the 2nd Amendment, especially in these trying times. For you iPhone owners, there is an iOS version that you can find here: Legal Heat – 50 State Guide to Firearm Law. Do you have any opinion on the gun laws, apps, or lack thereof? If so leave us a comment telling us what is on your mind. Check out our other Android app reviews. Crazy Mike

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Title: Legal Heat
Price: $0.99
Category: Book & Reference
Size: 4.8M
Developer: Legal Heat
Store: Google Play Store

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Legal Heat

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Legal Heat Android App Developers Description

Android OS

50 State Guide to Firearm Law

“”The Legal Heat app for Android is invaluable for people who travel with a gun” – U.S. Concealed Carry Association (Vol. 9, Issue 4).”
Massad Ayoob 
U.S. Concealed Carry Association 
ITS Tactical
Legal Heat is BACK! Legal Heat, the nation’s largest known concealed firearm permit training company and the inventors of the concealed carry iPhone app, are back with a new Android 50 state guide to firearm law app. Legal Heat is the ONLY app written and edited by firearm instructors and attorneys. These attorney instructors train tens of thousands of students each year all throughout America.
What makes Legal Heat the best concealed carry app?

–Instant updates: When a law changes we will update the page on our server and it will instantly update on all user’s phones the next time you open the app. (You will be notified that there has been a law change for the particular state and asked if you’d like to download the new page). 
–Reliability: We are not only firearm enthusiasts, we do this for a living. Legal Heat will always be updated and maintained, we’re not going anywhere. 
–>MUCH MORE: Video overviews of key laws (with more being added regularly), Open carry laws (coming by August), top of the line functionality, and many more surprises coming down the pipe. Legal Heat will be the premiere mobile source for years to come.
Legal Heat is a must have for every firearm owner in the United States and includes the following features:

** All 50 State’s Concealed Carry Laws: Including prohibited areas (both state and federal), duty to retreat laws, constitutional provisions, special notes, etc. All pages are available offline, once you open a state page it will cache to your phone.
** Reciprocity AND Reverse Reciprocity Maps: See where your permit is valid, and what permits your state accepts.
** Open Carry Laws for all 50 States: Concealed carry isn’t the only way to carry, see what states allow open carry and where you can and cannot exercise that right. (We are in the process of updating all 50 state’s open carry laws, these will be automatically added free of charge when they are completed).
** Transport Laws: In depth explanations & VIDEO OVERVIEWS on how to transport a firearm in your vehicle, on an airplane, what to do during a police encounter, AMTRAK, Tribal Land, National Parks & Monuments, and MUCH MORE!
** Notify Us of Changes in the Law: With the push of 1 button you can notify Legal Heat of any changes that occurred in your home state. Once we become aware of any changes in your state’s law we will update the app within 24 hours. There won’t be any waiting periods – get updates at your fingertips!
** Contact Each State Directly: Not only is there an “Additional Information” tab that includes the ability to click on all 50 State’s official concealed carry laws, but within each state’s page you can call or email the state’s permitting authority directly.
** MUCH MORE: Legal Heat is an evolving app. We try our best to offer the absolute best product on the market and will be constantly adding new features. If there is something you would like to see added or if you come across an error in the law, email us (using the “Notify Us” feature inside the app) and we’ll do our best to have it rectified in less than 24 hours.
Thank you for helping make Legal Heat the most widely used app of its kind in America!

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