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LEGO City Game – LEGO City My City, A Great Value iOS App! (Video)

Kids and parents will both love the LEGO City game, LEGO City My City, for the iPhone, iPad and Android!

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LEGO City My city is a fun series of 7 mini-games that reference the legendary offline “brick” building toy packs. This iOS games app brings the physical LEGO building packs to life in a playable mobile game with building packs such as Tow Truck, and Prisoner Transporter. And each entertaining mini-game has 3 difficulty levels that become noticeably harder as kids advance, extending the content value. What Parents will love most about this free LEGO app is that it has no ads or in app purchases within this family friendly app.

This LEGO City game is an awesome virtual LEGO game that does a great job of marrying the offline physical LEGO games with the imaginative mobile LEGO game!

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Lego City My City Game Free for iPhone and iPadLego Game for iPad App Video ReviewiPad Lego Game Free Includes & Mini Games

The LEGO Group
iOS Universal Games App, version 1.0.1, Free
LEGO® City My City
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 02/11/2014
Great free game for the iPad!
4.5 / 5 stars

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