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LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack – Fun LEGO Shooter Game, Free App!

Shoot your way through Makuhero City with Furno, Bulk, Breez, or Rocka as your sidekick in the LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack app! Any LEGO fan will appreciate this free iPad LEGO shooter game with its own unique theme. So what is the backstory? LEGO Hero Factory has a construction theme that came about after the LEGO Bionicle toy series ended.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack iPad App Review!


The LEGO Hero Factory theme, circa 2013, focuses on robotic heroes that protect the galaxy from various threats. This is the first LEGO Hero Factory game for the iOS, Android OS and Amazon OS mobile platforms, stemming from the offline toy series.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack Overview

You start off as a Prototype B-16 LEGO Hero in this 3D LEGO shooter game. You can select from 1 of 7 sidekicks to help you shoot your way through the different level game packs. The initial free game download comes with 3 playable game areas (City Streets, Shopping Mall, and Power Plant). Each game pack has 20 levels of gameplay, and your objective for each level is to eliminate the number of enemies required and stay alive. Like any good shooter game, there are a wide variety of weapons to upgrade to, ranging from machine guns to flame throwers.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Factory iPad app review

There are also 37 different armor (Heroes) that you can upgrade to as well. Many of the armor and weapons can be upgraded by earning cash for completing the level gameplay. But, other weapons and armor will require in app purchase to unlock. The cost to unlock all weapons, armor and levels packs separately is $6.95 currently.

However, if you want to save a little money, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Pack and unlock all weapons, armors, and level game packs for only $3.99. This is a great value. Another feature worth mentioning is LEGO ID. If you have a LEGO ID you can enter it in for cloud syncing of your game data, as well as other benefits for being a LEGO ID member. To get a LEGO ID, you can register right within the app.

Free LEGO Game for iPad LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack review

How To Play

If you are familiar with touch gaming, then there is not much to learn in regards to how to play LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack. You have 2 virtual joysticks to guide your LEGO Hero and shoot. Aiming may require a bit of getting used to because you need to balance your left (movement) joystick with the right (shooting) joystick to hit enemies just right. When starting out in this game, your armor is not very good and you’re armed with the least effective weapon. Each level requires you to kill a certain number of enemies before the level is complete. You earn money by successful level completion based on a number of criteria, such as how much health you have left. Money earned can be used to unlock various weapons an armor, which you will need as you play longer because this game gets much more difficult.

LEGO Game for iPad app review

Fortunately, during gameplay you will find drops for various power-ups. Those power-ups include increased health, invincibility, and even a machine gun turret you can drop to give you more firepower. The best way to stay alive is to chase the drops, as they will appear on the screen with a directional arrow showing where each is. Enemies will also appear on the screen, which is helpful. Another in game help is before each level; you can choose a power-up or an armor increase. The power-up is immediate, but the armor increase has a delay of several minutes before it is ready for use.

My Take

I played through numerous levels in each of the free game packs and found this LEGO game to be solid shooting fun. I was able to earn enough cash to upgrade my 2 different weapons and my armor to a significant level for a free game. But you will find as you play through each game pack, more and more enemies will come at you making it much harder to stay alive. As far as in app purchases go, this game is extremely reasonable in regards to what you pay for and what you get. I would easily purchase the Ultimate pack for $3.99 because you get a ton of gameplay and cool weapons/armor.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack is an iPad game that has been around for a while now, but it is a good shooter game, especially for anyone who likes LEGO games.

Awesome Free iPad Game, LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack

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Developer: Amuzo Games Ltd
iOS Universal Games app, Cost: Free, v 1.6
LEGO Hero Factory Brain
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/03/2014
Dual stick LEGO shooter game, fun-to-play, free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Kindle Fire.
4 / 5 stars

About The Developer

Amuzo (previously 4T2 Multimedia) is a multi-award winning team of game developers with experience spanning mobile, web and console production. Game titles have accounted for 500 million + online play sessions and have been #1 on iOS in 117 countries. They have a number of mobile game apps already in the iTunes App Store, Google Play App Store, and Amazon App Store.

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