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Leprechaun Game – Clover Catch, Free St. Patrick’s Day iOS Game!

The leprechaun game, Clover Catch – St Patricks Day Fun! is an easy way to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit. This simple iPhone and iPad game features 3 frisky leprechauns who jump to get 4 leaf clovers when you tap on them.

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What else would leprechauns want? Gold of course, and that is why your leprechauns are jumping. Your goal is to stay alive long enough to fill the screen with collected 4 leaf clovers to get to the “Pot of Gold.” But beware of the blarney stone, because this Irish rock knocks your leprechauns off the screen if they get hit by one of them. However, fear not, you can get a leprechaun back by getting a gold 4 leaf clover.


Clover Catch – St Patricks Day Fun! also has some festive sounds, specifically a few words the leprechauns shout out when they get hit by a blarney stone. While I cannot make out what these leprechauns say when hit with the blarney stone, it’s still rather funny. This game is great for young kids or anyone else looking for a little Irish-themed-leprechaun-game fun to get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.



Clover Catch – St. Patricks Day Fun! is an easy tap to play Leapin Leprechaun game, which makes the perfect, free leprechaun app for St. Patrick’s Day fun!

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