Let No Puck Through…Big Fat Goalie for the iPhone and iPad..Game On!

Get your “Big Fat Goalie” in place and prevent all pucks from going into the goal. Well, it is not quite that easy, but the new iOS universal app Big Fat Goalie is a lot of fun and does feature a rather large goalie. This arcade style iOS game is a mashup of foosball and air hockey and can be played alone or 2 player on the same device. Even on the iPhone the 2 player mode is really cool. During game play you control a “big fat goalie” and depending on your game setup a “big fat forward” as does your opponent. The object is easy, prevent all pucks from going into your goal, but the goal in this case is everything behind the line (full rink) where your goalie is located. Playing with the forward can be setup to have the forward move in the same direction as the goalie (easy) or the forward can be set to move the opposite direction as the goalie proving an added level of game difficulty. I played with the later control setup and it was a hoot. The iPad video above shows a demo testing of the iPad version while playing with the more difficult goalie/forward game control setting. Let us know what you think about Big Fat Goalie by leaving a comment below. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. CM

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iphone app reviews

Big Fat Goalie iPad App Details

Title: Big Fat Goalie
Price: $1.99
Category: Games
Developer: Swipeware
Store: iTunes App Store

Big Fat Goalie iPad App Download Link

Big Fat Goalie - Swipeware

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Big Fat Goalie iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal
This app is a perfect time-killer!
Big Fat Goalie is a fun and addictive game for the whole family. It’s where air-hockey meets classic arcade action.

You can control up to 2 players on the ice for maximum fun, and with Speed Boost you have full control over the puck’s speed.

This game is a must-have for iPad owners as the game really comes to life on the large screen.

It’s a Universal app. Meaning pay once, and install on all of your devices…iPhone, iPod and iPad!

+ Addictive game-play
+ Easy touch-interface to move players
+ Control multiple players on the ice!
+ Control puck speed with Speed Boost
+ Hi-Res graphics
+ Looks great on Retina display and iPad
+ 1 player and 2 player modes
+ Handles device rotation

What’s new

+ Additional players on the ice!
+ Control puck speed with Speed Boost
+ Improved interface and button handling
+ Improved AI for single-player mode

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