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Lets Make A Rhyme – Mad Lib Style Nursery Rhyme Kids App!

Lets Make A Rhyme iPad app (by Short, Bald and Lanky) reminds me of the classic nursery rhymes like Humpty Dumpty, Hey Diddle Diddle, but with a twist. Lets Make A Rhyme let’s your kids turn classic nursery rhymes into their own using this new iPad app. This is more than just a nursery rhyme app, this free iPad app gives kids the chance to create their own versions of classic nursery rhymes using their own text, stickers, and drawing tools to create some silly and fun rhymes and artwork. For added fun, there is a game for each classic nursery rhyme included within this app.

Lets Make A Rhyme gives kids the opportunity to create their very own “Mad Lib” style nursery rhyme by adding their own title, characters, book cover, and art. Kids can include their own images from the iPad camera roll and use other creative tools like stickers, paint colors and more. Lets Make A Rhyme comes with 1 classic nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty for kids to make their own. The version I created in the video is a bit different, pretty funny and only took me about ten minutes to create. The remaining 5 nursery rhymes can be purchased through in app purchase for $0.99 each, which is a bit expensive. However, Lets Make A Rhyme does have replay value and allows kids to come back and create limitless uniques versions of classic nursery rhymes.

Video: Watch Let’s Make A Rhyme – Mad Lib Style Nursery Rhyme Kids App!


Lets Make A Rhyme also encourages kids to learn how to read, spell, color, create, and solve problems. Through creating stories kids use their fine motor skills and their creativity can be unleasked. The fact that the app is free is also a great value, even if you only want or can afford the free version, the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme is complete with the creation opportunity (more than once) as well as a fun puzzle game that can be re-played over and over again. Although I really enjoyed Let’s Make a Rhyme, I think it could benefit greatly with the addition of narration or more sounds, as well as a help/instruction area to make sure that none of its great features get missed. Let’s Make A Rhyme gets a big thumbs up from CrazyMikeaspps.


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