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Lich Defense – Multi Strategy iOS Tower Defense Game

Lich Defense (by Jellyoasis) is a new iPhone and iPad Tower Defense game where you’ll protect your “Lich King” from massive waves of enemies through 60 quests while using a treasure trove of spells, abilities, and towers. This dark TD game provides a ton more strategy than most — with your “Tower” actually being your Lich King. The Lich King is not an inanimate object, rather he also fights when enemies get within a certain distance, and there are a variety of items that you can purchase with coins or Jelly. The object (as any Tower Defense game) is to survive the increasingly more aggressive waves of varied enemy attacks.

Enemies will fly, walk, run, and use magic to destroy your Lich King, but do not be dismayed as you play through the Meadow, Frozen, and Lava game themes. Why? Because you have a number of Towers that once unlocked are able to be upgraded before and during gameplay. There are loads of spells, abilities and items that you can purchase which will also enhance your strategy as you try to survive the impending onslaught of each wave. I found the spells (3 can be used at a time) to be very helpful, especially if you are playing with the game speed increased (game speed can be increased 1x, 2x and 4x). The graphics were well done, but what really stands out to me is the strategy in this game. The levels are long and one needs to pay attention to the items and spells selected, as well as tower placement and upgrading of towers, as opposed to building new towers. The enemy attacks will eventually include a boss who is rather hard to defeat, especially if you have the game speed increased — my suggestion is to slow things down before the last enemy wave.

Mana Points allow you to purchase towers as well as upgrade them during the gameplay, but the other items need to be purchased or upgraded from the Shop. There are loads of things to purchase here for the Lich King, and Towers can be upgraded as well. Actually, there is almost too much to look at and take in (as far as what does what and how it will help your gameplay). In the end it will all help, but it also comes at a price. The developers do provide increased Mana Points as you play harder levels and they have several starter game packs that include a variety of coin, spells and other consumables. But, the game sells for $1.99 and while you will earn gold to buy items, it would be nice if the game was only $0.99. However, Lich Defense is a very worthy Tower Defense game that has loads of tough TD gameplay with a multitude of strategies — other than the norm of just setting up towers that will determine the game outcome.

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Lich Defense - Jellyoasis Inc.

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