Like Flappy Bird Game, But Better – The Little Penguin That Could

The Little Penguin That Could iPad Game is like the Flappy Bird Game

If you are looking for a great alternative to replace the Flappy Bird Game, then you will want to give The Little Penguin That Could a try. This Flappy-style game is a free iOS Universal Games app that’s similar to the now extinct Flappy Bird game – but better.

iPad Game like the Flappy Bird game, The Little Penguin That Could

The Little Penguin That Could

Like the optimistic and determined train character from the The Little Engine That Could, children’s storybook, you play as a heroic penguin determined to reach your destination. The Little Penguin That Could features familiar tap-to-fly gameplay and a game objective to fly your penguin through as many pipe openings as possible, without hitting a pipe. While not as ridiculously hard as Flappy Bird, The Little Penguin That Could is still no piece of cake. This free penguin game features snowy-themed 2D graphics and a hip and original soundtrack by Kevin Macleod of

Free iPad Game The Little Penguin That Could

The developers of this app put great emphasis on the game mechanics and physics control, allowing much more stable gameplay. There are also subtle little touches that make this game better than Flappy Bird. You can easily share your score through Twitter and Facebook with friends and see where you stack up in Apple Game Center. You are also able to sync your game scores across all your iOS devices. And in The Little Penguin That Could app, there is a enthusiastic little seal that marks your longest game and happily waits for you to pass it with each new high score. One other feature in this game that may hook players is the use of snowflakes to continue your game. While The Little Penguin That Could game is free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, snowflakes are not. However, you are given a generous amount of snowflakes for free when you download the app. Once you run out of snowflakes you can purchase more, if you like, through in app purchase.

Free Like Flappy Bird Game for iPad and iPhone

How To Play This Penguin Game

As already mentioned, there is no real learning curve to figure out how to play The Little Penguin That Could game. But, to get a high score of more than 10, 20, 50, or 100, you will need patience, skill, and of course, good reflexes. However, here are a couple of simple tips to help you get a good grasp on playing this game better: 1.) Focus on the bottom of the pipes as you fly your chubby little penguin through them, 2.) Remember that your penguin’s movement is consistent and that each tap moves it higher equally, and 3.) Find a rhythm and ride it to a high score.

More To Come

The developer, Fensi Mobail Solyushns, has a big update in store for this Flappy-style game with dozens of new features and a new game experience that sounds intriguing.

If you have been looking for a good Flappy Bird game alternative to satisfy your Flappy craving, then download and try out The Little Penguin That Could. You will not be disappointed!

Download The Little Penguin That Could App Now, A Game Like Flappy Bird Game!

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The Little Penguin That Could
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