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Little Lilly’s Touch Book…An iPad Book For All Kids (Video)

Little Lilly’s Touch Book is a story about Lilly, a young girl, who has a specific aversion to touch. This iPad application is presented by award winning developers, Extra Special Kids, LLC.. Little Lilly is an outgoing girl who likes to do all sorts of activities, especially dancing. But, Lilly finds touching certain things a bit difficult to do. This story chronicles how Lilly deals with those touch things that bother her and how she happily perseveres throughout her day.

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The aversion issue that she deals with is a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) there’s even an area in this app that provides information about SPD. Extra Special Kids, LLC, has created a likable, fun, energetic and personable character that is easy to identify with while shedding a positive light on this issue in a special needs app. This iPad book app is well-made with simple navigation and controls that can be accessed from the bottom of any screen by tapping on the red and yellow balloons. The story has excellent “spot-on” kids artwork, professional narration that can be turned on or off, and fun interactive opportunities throughout the story with all sorts of silly sounds and touch opportunities for kids to explore on every page of this book. Little Lilly’s Touch Book is a wonderful iPad book for all kids.

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Unfortunately Little Lilly’s Touch Book is not currently available in the US iTunes App Store.



Little Lilly's Touch Book iPad App Video ReviewLittle Lilly's Touch Book iPad App Video Review

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