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Lock n Load – Plenty of Weapons and Gore For All! (Video)

The Lock n Load iPad and iPhone shooter game lets to use 1 of 3 weapons to battle the 32 different enemies across 25 levels, 2 campaigns, and 6 maps in this shooter game featuring 2 heroes and a very helpful granny.

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Game Overview

Your hero is a gruff Friday the 13th Jason looking character who chases an evil little girl through level after level of undead and monster mayhem. There are items and upgrades that help your hero, who is also full of hilarious 1-liners, and give this game so much more character and personality than the average shooter game.

Lock n Load is fantastically purchased at only $0.99 considering that you get a great game complete with enough humor to keep you smiling that can be priceless alone.

App Details

Title: Lock n Load
Cost: $0.99
Size: 246.3 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Chillingo Ltd.
Store: iTunes App Store

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