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Lookout–Blizzard: Labyrinth Games Won’t Ever Be The Same!

If you have ever played a “Labyrinth” game, you’ll immediately be in love with this LookOut – Blizzard — a new iPhone and iPad Games application. Even if you have no idea what a “Labyrinth” game is, this tilt to play (maze) puzzle game will suck you in with its simple and subtle, yet at times intense graphic movements that all work together to provide a different sort of gaming experience on the iOS platform. Yes, the game is simple: you’re a snowball — yah, I know, you don’t have much personality — regardless, you will find this challenging after the first few levels. This intense iOs Universal game features 4 snowy worlds, 60 levels, and plenty of explosive and challenging gameplay.

The levels play quick, sometimes quicker than others, especially when you meet your demise. But, if you’re looking for a cool way to die, this game delivers it — when you die you explode all over the screen and it looks very cool. The game modes are all over the place! You will roll to gather snowflakes as fast as possible, roll to stay alive, solve mazes, figure out puzzles all while avoiding speeding fireballs, water bombs, meteors, and electrically destructive flying objects, and other objects designed to destroy you — in an intriguing way. There are 4 worlds to play through, an un-lockable endless survival game mode and a multi-player game mode. However, the connection time was 6 minutes plus, probably due to so few players, so I did not stick around, pity because I would love to see how the multi-player game mode plays.


This game is a fresh iPhone and iPad game, and while I wish it had more levels of gameplay and a little more defined graphics, that does not take away from the explosively challenging gameplay experience that this Labyrinth game gives the player. The game controls are fluid, game action is perfect, and the difficulty will challenge even those “gamer pros.” I think some good things to add above and beyond what I mentioned are difficulty levels, which would be awesome, and 60 more levels. I realize this is a lot of work, but this game is so cool and a sleeper hit in the iTunes App Store. Be sure to watch the Lookout-Blizzard iPhone App Video Review for a complete look at this iPhone and iPad Games application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Lookout – Blizzard iPhone App Details

Title: Lookout – Blizzard
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 63.7MB
Developer: The App Company
Store: iTunes App Store

Lookout – Blizzard iPhone App Download Link

LookOut - Blizzard - The App Company

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Lookout – Blizzard iPhone Developers App Description

iOS Universal

LookOut Blizzard is an action-packed spin on the classic Labryinth maze game. Over 60 challenging levels test your physical and mental skills as you dodge fireballs, electrified obstacles, complex mazes and race against the clock.

** Some of the Many Features of Lookout Blizzard
– 4 worlds with 60 levels.
– Optimized for Retina Display on New iPad and iPhone 4
– Dynamic gameplay.
– Superb graphics.
– Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
– Multiplayer Mode lets you compete against friends
– Survivor Mode
– Great sound, music
– In every level, in every world, it gets harder to collect
achievements and stay alive

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