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Mad Monster Beats – Fun, Not Sooo Spooky, Music Dancing Game for iPad

Are you ready for an entertaining, fast-paced, and not “sooooo” spooky iPad dancing game? If so, then Mad Monster Beats (by Bolder Games) is sure to make you want to bust a move as it challenges your reflexes and eye/hand coordination skills while playing this fun, Halloween-themed, music dance game on your iPad.

Mad Monster Beats Overview

Mad Monster Beats is a “tap to play” music dancing game where your goal is to tap circles at just the right time to score maximum points and watch the monsters boogie on down. And the more precisely you tap, the more points you will earn – but tap too early or too late and you will score less points. This festive music game also comes with a cool mix of Halloween type monster characters to dance as, somewhat spooky dance stages, and various genres of energizing music like reggae, techno, electric, and others.

Halloween Game, Mad Monster Beats for iPad

Mad Monster Beats features a bonus point meter called the “Awesome Meter.” And when this meter turns green each correct tap will score you more points. And some other worthy things to point out about this “monster mash” iPad dance game is that it only costs $1.99, has no in-app purchases, allows you to play on 4 different stages, has 4 different monsters, and comes with up to 10 different songs. However, you will have to dance your way to achieve high scores to unlock the remaining game content since the game starts out with only 1 stage (Graveyard), 1 monster (The Bone Bouncer Rattle Trap), and 1 song (One Eyed Maestro) unlocked.

Mad Monster Beats, fun iPad Dance Game

All additional stages, monsters, and songs are unlocked by getting high scores starting with the first stage, first monster and first song. Once you have unlocked all stages, monsters, and songs, you can dance any monster character on any stage to any of the songs. This provides for a lot of replay value and added fun. The Mad Monster Beats gameplay is fairly challenging, but it’s not hard to learn how to play. So what do you need to know to play this game?

Music Dancing Game for iPad App Review

Mad Monster Beats – How to Play

As already mentioned, Mad Monster Beats is a “tap to play” music dancing game. That being said, not only will you have to tap quickly at times during gameplay, but you’ll also need to navigate a “slide to play” part of the game in some songs as well. As with other music games, Mad Monster Beats features dark colored circles that appear all over the game board to show you the way. A larger circle will appear around the dark circle, and as it becomes smaller the dark circle will turn purple. When the outer circle touches the purple circle, that’s when you’ll want to pounce on it to get the most points.

Halloween iPad Dancing Game

But be aware that if you tap too early when the circle is not colored purple, you’ll be in for a spooky surprise – a scary red skull and crossbones. This deadly symbol will drain some of your “Awesome Meter” juice.

Final Thoughts

Mad Monster Beats is a fun-to-play music dancing game that has cool monster characters, funky music to tap and play to, and appropriately spooky game graphics to tingle the senses. All in all, this is an entertaining game that will appeal to both kids and grownups, so it’s family friendly. And again, it has no in-app purchases, which means that once the game is purchased you are not hit up with additional costs to unlock stages, monsters or songs.

You can grab your download of Mad Monster Beats from the iTunes App Store using the download link below. And for you Android users, be on the lookout for Mad Monster Beats which will be coming soon to the Google Play App Store.

Download The Mad Monster Beats Music Dancing Game iPad App

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Developer: Bolder Games
iPad Entertainment app, $1.99, v. 1.5
Mad Monster Beats
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 10/26/2014
A fun tap-to-play music dance game with a not so spooky Halloween theme.
4 / 5 stars

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