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Madcoaster – Fun, Fast Paces Roller Coaster iOS Game

Madcoaster is a fast paced, fun “tap to jump” roller coaster game for the iPhone and iPad. Ride the rails through exotic areas collecting coins for new coaster carts and riders.


We have already played Madcoaster on the iPhone and it was a lot of fun. Madcoaster has a hint of Jetpack Joyride when your collect the power-up that flies your “madcoster” off the rails and into the air.

There are a bunch of different themed environments (Space, Underwater, Motor City, Safari) that you will ride your coaster through. There are customizable extras like changing your coaster carts, adding riders, and power-ups that can help you start faster, go farther and other stuff. Madcoaster is easy to play just tap the screen to jump the tracks at the right time, but be sure to land on the tracks.


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