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Electronic Arts Lays An Egg with Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS (Video)

Electronic Arts, for the most part, destroys the mobile Madden football game with Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS. This classic video football game has been awesome for a long time, but not anymore, at least not for iOS. Now with Facebook only sign in to play, an expensive card system for player upgrades, and a paltry energy allowance, this game is a dud.

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Having played Madden football video games since the beginning, the iOS version of Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS is disappointing. The hardcore freemium revenue model and Facebook only login, with less than exciting so called “head to head” gameplay, are 2 of the biggest problems with this mobile game. The integration of a “player card” (along with the weak energy allotment) make spending money through in app purchase necessary to have a competitive team or play beyond 1 or 2 games. There are also no “true” football seasons to play through. The seasons are now a mix of Solo Challenges and specific games that ruin the traditional Madden Series. Watch the Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS App Video Review for a complete look at this game.

Madden NFL 25 by EA SPORTS could have been awesome for the iOS platform, but instead is a money grabber that will soon be a distant memory.

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