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Magic Guitar (by Smule) allows you to turn your iPhone into a virtual and interactive guitar where you control the guitar type, notes, tempo, pitch, vibrato, and song activation — all with a touch of your fingers or a shake of your phone. This is truly another groundbreaking Music app by Smule.

Unfortunately for me, I had a hard time getting my mind to wrap itself around the concept of using my fingers in unison while cradling the iPhone in my hand, as the suggested use of this application shows. However, relying on my ninja gamer skills, I was able to make this app work for me and I had a hell of a lot of fun while doing so. In essence, you play the notes as they appear vertically coming from the bottom up on your iPhone (while in landscape mode). There are 4 different difficulty settings, as well as 4 different guitars to play in your attempts to become the next Jimi Hendrix — hey, gotta dream big.

Magic Guitar FREE iPhone App ReviewsMagic Guitar FREE iPhone App Reviews

My method of playing was to lay my iPhone down flat and play using several digits (fingers/thumbs) to touch the notes as they rolled across the screen — I call this “gamer style.” There are some nuances to overcome like moving the iPhone, holding onto notes and moving your fingers to get added realistic guitar sounds that you just can’t do as easily with the iPhone flat. This gameplay method worked fantastic for me in lieu of reprogramming my brain to play the recommended way.

The object is to get increasingly better at your guitar play while using this app by leveling up for doing well on your song renditions. Playing songs at a harder level increases your leveling up much faster. A very cool feature, and one common in the Smule apps, is the ability to hear others from around the world playing guitar in this app at any given time.

Magic Guitar is an awesomely creative music app that is sure to make just about everybody feel like a competent guitar player, and in no time at all. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Magic Guitar FREE iPhone App Details

Title: Magic Guitar
Price: FREE
Size: 18.2 MB
Category: Music
Developer: Smule
Store: iTunes App Store

Magic Guitar FREE iPhone App Download Link

Magic Guitar - Smule

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Magic Guitar FREE iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
PLAY a note. SHAKE your phone. FEEL the magic as the music responds to your slightest movement.

Your iPhone is now a whole new magical instrument. Just cradle your phone in the palm of your hand like a guitar neck, and watch as beams of light approach your fingertips. Now press and hold to hear each note, then SHAKE your phone to bring your song to life. You won’t believe it ‘til you try it.

“Climb up the stairway to heaven or down the highway to hell” – Venture Beat
“Smule’s latest musical brainchild” – TechCrunch

You control the notes, speed, guitar type, pitch and vibrato. Swipe your finger across the screen to bend any note. Play it once, play it a hundred times, each time is a unique experience that won’t get old.

Jam on your favorite rock, classical, folk and pop songs with your new magic guitar – no practice necessary.

• Simply touch the beams of lights to play all styles of music, from soulful jams to scorching shred.
• Express your creativity and shake your phone to create vibrato, or drag your fingers to bend the pitch.
• Choose from different guitar sounds and speeds to make each song your own.

Magic Guitar’s songbook includes a huge catalog of legendary artists including:

-The Rolling Stones
-Bruno Mars
-Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
-Lady GaGa
-Lynard Skynyrd
-Credence Clearwater Revival
-Blue Oyster Cult
-Jason Mraz
…and many more!

We’re adding new FREE songs every day so make sure to come back frequently!

**NOTE: Some users have reported issues with certain songs such as overly high pitched notes. We are actively fixing these and your copy will update automatically when they improve. Thanks for you patience and keep on jamming!

Share your best jams on the interactive Smule globe, or through Twitter, Facebook or email.
• Hang out on the Smule globe and listen to other Magic Guitarists rocking out.
• Share the love – gift your friends any song from within the app to double the fun.

Once you’ve mastered your new guitar, get rewarded for playing.
• Level up to unlock achievements and badges, earn new songs and make your way to the top of the song leader boards.

What’s new

*** NEW *** Auto-vibrato!!! To add more vibrato and expression, remember to SHAKE your phone to hear the magic guitar vibrato on any note and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can BEND any note by starting from the bend region on the bottom.

*** NOTE: Some users have reported issues with certain songs such as overly high pitched notes. We are working around the clock to fix those song arrangements and your songs will be updated automatically. Just check back into the app often and the updated songs will automatically download. Thanks for you patience.

*** Also, our arrangers are working non-stop to get you new songs, please check back into the app often to see new and updated songs.

*** TRY different instruments like LEAD guitar or change up the tempo for some different challenges! You can change the options right before you play a song.

*** Bug fixes

We are jamming on the next update already, please email us at with any questions. Also, join us on Facebook at to find other fellow magic guitarists!

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