Magic Window – Portable Relaxation iPhone App Review

iPhone App Review

– Have you ever searched the word “relaxation” on the AppStore? I have, and you get tons of different results. Magic Window is probably the app you are searching for. It is made for the retina display, and looks absolutely stunning on my iPod touch 4th gen. The app can function as a clock, relaxation app, or just something very nice to look at. The main feature of this app is the time-lapse footage of beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, among other things. You can watch a sunrise on a beach, but with a twist. You can speed it up to watch it in just about 20 seconds or over a period of 2 hours. The app also features an alarm clock, sleep timer, live weather conditions for wherever you are, daily and hourly weather forecasts, and a flashlight. There is also relaxing sounds in the background which compliment the different scenes very well. There are also options in the app to make the clock bigger, turn off weather, etc. There is a “night” mode, and when you press this, the screen dims (quite a bit) and the clock gets much bigger. It gives you information on how much battery you have left along with the weather conditions and temperature.

Overall, it’s difficult to explain the experience that this app gives just through writing a review. The app itself is a huge file for such an app (242 MB), and it only comes with a few scenes preloaded. There are downloadable scenes in the app, which are about 30 MB each. These of course are free, but the app can take up a lot of room when you have everything loaded as you like. If you are looking for a way to relax or just a weather/clock application, I can easily recommend this app to you at its current price. Let’s hope it stays at 60% off so you can grab it at $1.99.

iphone app reviewiphone app review


iPhone App Details

Title: Magic Window – Living Pictures
Cost: $1.99
Category: Utilities
Developer: Jetson Creative LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

iPhone App Details

Magic Window - Living Pictures - Jetson Creative LLC

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