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Major Mayhem – Don’t Make Him Angry (Video)

Major Mayhem, by Adult Swim lets you kick some “you know what” as you play your way through 45 levels and 4 game modes in this free, non-stop action rail shooter.

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Game Overview

Major Mayhem is angrier than ever due to bad guys kidnapping his girlfriend, so he is ready to put a hurting on anyone who gets in his way. It is a rail shooter game, but the developer has incorporated some jumping action, and a very nice “run n gun” interlude sprinkled in the cover shooting episodes.

Adult Swim, purveyors of silliness, have added just enough whack into this game finding the right balance of fun, insanity, and over-the-top plot lines. During this Android app video I sported a “mankini” on our hero, which was both “pretty and practical,” as Mrs. CrazyMike would say. You see the “mankini” works as both armor and an offsetting look to the enemies, which may confuse them long enough for Major Mayhem to blow a hole in their head.

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