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MakeQuest – Create, Play, Share Your Own Platformer Game

MakeQuest (by CleverMedia) is an iPad application that is all about creating and customizing your own gaming experience in this side-scrolling platformer creation app. You’ll get to choose various weapons, monsters, room dimensions and more to customize your own personalized game, which can also be shared with friends. Having played a trove of iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Kindle Fire games, very few have given me the chance to actively create my own game, let alone share that game with others — MakeQuest does just that. This app puts the game creativity and imagination aspect into your hands and easily lets you create your own platformer game with a variety of tools provided with drag and drop creation ease. There are 5 pages of items to select from ranging from decorations to backgrounds (as well as other stuff in between), with a 2D retro pixel graphic design. Currently, in version 1 there isn’t any music or sound effects, but this looks to be an addition coming soon in an update — probably with more creation items as well.

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This application provides a sample game that you can play. It includes several rooms with various monsters to jumpstart your creative juices giving you a good idea of how to make your own game. I created 4 rooms in about 5 minutes and although they were not completely done, it just demonstrates how quickly the drag and drop creation process works in this app. MakeQuest also includes a fantastic tutorial that is short, helpful and well explained. The ability to share your games is definitely a very nice feature as well. All you have to do is upload your game creation to the MakeQuest server and you’ll get an identification number that you then send to friends — very cool. MakeQuest stimulates and challenges your creativity by prompting you to make easy or hard platformer games using the available items presented to you– you’re only limited by your own imagination. After you check this app out, be sure to share your games with us by leaving your game code in the comments section of this blog post, thanks. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

MakeQuest iPad App Details

Title: MakeQuest
Price: $2.99
Size: 10.4 MB
Category: Games
Developer: CleverMedia, Inc.
Store: iTunes App Store

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MakeQuest - CleverMedia, Inc.

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MakeQuest iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad

MakeQuest is a side-scrolling platform game where you build your own levels. Drag and drop building blocks to create rooms. Add objects, doors, monsters and treasure. Then play and share your creation.

In MakeQuest, a game is made up of rooms. Each room is yours to design, adding building blocks like floors and walls to define the space. Make a room long or tall, spanning several screens. You add doors to lead from one room to another. You can even lock doors with keys that the player must find before using the door. You can plant daggers and arrows for the player to use to kill monsters that you also place. Create a game were players can navigate several or dozens of rooms. You can use signs to tell a story as the player moves around in the game.

Watch the tutorial video at to see it in action before you buy.

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