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Manu (by RJDM Studios) is a fun and silly animated application that allows you to interact with Manu, a unique and jovial character, who takes a “licking” and keeps coming back for more — all with a huge smile on his face. Manu is one of those iPhone app characters you will fall in love with due to his silly looks, likeable grin, and overall great attitude. You can tickle, punch, and turn him upside down for starters — watch him slide on and off the screen.

Manu iPhone Entertainment app reviewManu iPhone Entertainment app reviews

There are also 16 different animations that you can have Manu participate in, such as disco dancing, shooting him out of a cannon, letting him play soccer, dropping a piano on him, and much more. Mimi his sister will make a few cameo appearances so don’t be surprised when you see a little laughing pink thing appear on your iPhone screen. Manu is a fun entertainment app sure to put a smile on everybody’s face. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Manu iPhone App Details

Title: Manu
Price: $0.99
Category: Entertainment
Size: 76.4 MB
Developer: RJDM Studios
Store: iTunes App Store

Manu iPhone App Download Link

Manu - RJDM Studios

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Manu iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
An interactive character app for adults and children alike. A chance to connect with Manu a must have app for 2012.

Manu (pronounced ‘Manoo’) is a fun loving character with a wealth of expressions and gadgets to entertain.

Launches a rocket pack off his back, breaks the screen with a Football, is fired out of a cannon, floats with magic bubblegum, and much much more what will you do?

To interact with Manu:

* Shake the phone for a random animation
* Rub his belly to make him laugh
* Poke his belly to knock him over
* Turn your phone upside down to make Manu fall off the screen
* Turn it back again to make Manu fall back to his world
* Choose a favourite by touching one of 16 scrolling cartoon buttons

What will you do to Manu?

The interactive fun continues with the app allowing the audience to request animations from RJDM Studio’s future Manu releases.

What’s new

* Improved navigation for swipe buttons, as requested by our users
* Revised Rugby Ball animation

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