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Marble Blast 3, Free Zuma Game for Android (Video)

Marble Blast 3 is a free Android Zuma game that is also a fun and quick-play casual game with around 90 levels of solid gameplay! The Marble Blast 3 game title is a bit misleading because you’re not going to be playing marbles in this game. It’s all about Zuma. Zuma is a tile matching game originally created by PopCap Games in 1993. The original Zuma game has round and different colored tiles that move along a twisting path while being pushed by a sort of train-looking object.

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There is also a tile or ball shooter in the middle of each game board that generates randomly colored balls to match the tiles with. The objective to this game is to match all the colored tiles/balls before they reach the black hole. If any of the colored balls reach the black hole at the end of the path, it is the end of the game for you. Zuma has grown in popularity and now can be played just about anywhere. That means mobile, PC, online, Mac and other places for free. Marble Blast 3 is a Zuma-style knock off game, but it’s still a decent knock off and fun to play.

Marble Blast 3 App Review for Android

Marble Blast 3 Overview

Like Zuma games, each Marble Blast 3 game starts with a gold object pushing at least 16 different colored balls toward an intimidating smokey black hole. Your goal is to match all the colored balls before they reach the end of the path, a.k.a the black hole. You can use any of the 3 different power-ups to help you beat the level gameplay, which is rather challenging early on. Power-ups have to be purchased with coins, which you either have to buy or earn coins by performing actions like downloading an app or signing up for a service. There are currently 90 levels of free gameplay in Marble Blast 3. The developers, Ezjoy, have added several different game modes and level themes to keep this game interesting.

Android App Review for Zuma Game

How to Play This Zuma Style Android Game

You are going to face multiple waves early on in this game, which will challenge your ability to be quick at making decisions. Matching the tiles/balls can be a bit tricky because the tiles are continuously moving forward, so be sure to lead your shots a little ahead of the color you’re shooting for when the balls are moving. At other times you will find the moving balls will stop. This is a good time to take out as many as you can with accurate matches.

The real stress starts when you have not finished the first wave of balls and another wave comes out. Each new wave will have more colored balls to match, but don’t forget about the original wave or you will quickly be restarting another game. One tip to spawn as many free power-ups as possible is to match chains of 3+ colored balls at a time. The more matches in a chain, the more likely you will have a power-up appear. To get a power-up you will need to shoot it with a colored ball, so pay attention because they do not stay on the screen for more than a few seconds.

Android Game Review for Zuma Style Game

Marble Blast 3 is a decent Zuma game for the Android, but be prepared to play levels over if you don’t want to fork out the cash or perform actions to get power-ups. This game is also available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch through the app download links below.

Marble Blast 3 Android App Review

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