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Take Me Home (by TOCA TOCA GAMES) is a physics-based game featuring a green martian named Neelo, who is lost on earth and needs to find his way back home through 4 game modes and 96 levels of challenging gameplay. This game is fun right out of the gate with playful graphics, original game music, and an amusing green martian who cannot breath the air on earth — how ironic. Take Me Home starts off simple enough, but ramps up the puzzle difficulty rather quickly — throwing all sorts of objects like dampers, wood balls, and various other objects to help you solve the puzzle challenges.

Take Me Home iPhone Game App ReviewTake Me Home iPhone Game App Review

There are on screen tutorials to clue you in on how to use new items, but you will have to figure out where to place them. Take Me Home has 4 journeys: Day, Night, Space, and Planet that will keep you busy for a while, and each has its own unique gameplay that you will have to adapt to for success. This indie game is a nice piece of work and an enjoyable game for the whole family — a real value at $0.99. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Take Me Home ™ iPhone App Details

Title: Take Me Home ™
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 51.2 MB
Store: iTunes App Store

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Take Me Home ™ - TOCA TOCA GAMES

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Take Me Home ™ iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
An unique adventure! Neelo is lost in space and his ship has fallen to the Earth. Can you help it arrive to home?

Across 4 different journeys and 96 challenging levels you will live many adventures:

DAY JOURNEY: Neelo can’t breath on Earth! Help him move from one bubble to another, building ramps, using the dampers, exploding dynamites and breaking bridges… test your skill!

NIGHT JOURNEY: Night is even more challenging! Play with fishes and fireflies, make neelo move through the bridges and beware with pelicans. And remember: Neelo don’t know how to swim!

SPACE JOURNEY: Neelo has come to his spaceship, but there’s no gravity in space! Use the accelerometer to control neelo and avoid the ship obstacles. With the help of miniaturizer you can reach inaccessible areas. Be careful with emergency exits!

PLANET JOURNEY: in the planet, Neelo feels like in home. Move the ground, platforms, blocks… and move it all fast! You can control everything! You’ll be able to control Neelo?

HOURS OF FUN!: Enjoy TakeMeHome™ in your iPhone or iPad (it’s an universal app), with premium music by Heather Fenoughty, Peter McIsaac and Olive Musique.

An adventure for all, that will challenge you for hours!

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