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MASS EFFECT INFILTRATOR – Android, Action Shooter!

Mass Effect Infiltrator is a sci-fi shooter game that incorporates swipe gestures and tap-to-shoot game technique, a variety of weaponry and biotics to eliminate your enemies through the campaign, as well as chapter and bonus gameplay. This is a great game, minus some minor control issues that I experienced while playing on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Electronic Arts has done a nice job with Dead Space and MASS EFFECT INFILTRATOR, by creating good immersive story lines that are hard to come by in most iOS games.

You battle your way through chapters playing the Campaign game mode, which unlocks chapters you successfully complete. There are a variety of items in this game that accentuate your abilities to beat the crap out of the numerous enemies that come at you in this game. Guns, biotics, and abilities can be upgraded once acquired and will aid you in your destruction of the enemies. Some features that I liked were the punch that allows you to severely hit an enemy when in close quarters, and a variety of biotics that give you the power to grab enemies allowing you the chance to shoot them as they powerlessly float in front of you. A cloaking icon allows you to become invisible, which is very helpful in tougher combat scenarios. Originally, this game came out on the iPhone and iPad, and has made its way to the Android OS. Overall, for a touch-screen shooter game the controls were good, but, some of the computer AI was a bit whacky, and the controls occasionally went haywire on me.

Normally, fighting an opponent up close and personal should be a punch fest, but from my experience, not in one instance during gameplay did I find myself at point blank range trading hand-hand combat rounds with an enemy — I think because of a protruding wall separated us? Also, from time to time, the controls, either because of my movement or some other weird reason, would jam my view to the top of the screen making me vulnerable to enemies not a big deal just could not figure out what was causing this, but this happens in Modern Combat 3 as well; so, more so me than the game — a tragedy of touch screen gaming. MASS EFFECT INFILTRATOR is definitely a worthy purchase but at a price less than $6.99. It’s a little steep for an Android game in my opinion, especially one that is not perfect. Overall, this Android Arcade & Action game delivers a nicely done plot with intuitive gesture controls and lots of fun.

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