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Massive Levels, Classic Brick Breaker Game – Updated!

Brick Breaker Ultimate HD is a classic “Breakout” game featuring stunning 3D graphics, 81 large levels of gameplay, and lots of power-ups. This game draws its roots from the classic Atari game (Breakout) that appeared in 1976 changing the video gaming landscape forever. Now, you can play 81 classic brick-breaking levels (that are very vibrantly colored) with bricks all featuring different strengths to make this game more challenging. Gameplay is super simple: double tap to release the ball and try to break all the bricks, even Forrest Gump would understand these rules. There are power-ups to help you ala triple balls, increase/decrease ball speed, score reduction, score bonus and more to spice the game up a bit. While the in app music and sound effects are well done, the developers have allowed for you to listen to your iPod music during gameplay, if you prefer (must leave app to start iPod, then return to game). There is also a dashboard of sorts that runs vertical on the right side of the game board featuring a “brick life-o-meter” that tells you each bricks strength hit by hit, your score, number of balls and other information. The levels are what makes this game stand out.

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Anyone familiar with the Light Bright kids’ game will notice a similarity in the levels within this game. Each level to me looks like a Light Bright masterpiece, just as colorful and varied in shapes and sizes. I found the game to be very well done, holding to the classic brick breaker or breakout formula, but would like to see a few more power-ups sprinkled into the game — both good and negative. Another way to add some more depth to this game is to add multiple difficulty levels, which would really make for a good time. This Brick Breaker Ultimate HD just got an awesome update and will not disappoint “Breakout” enthusiasts nor casual gamers due to its stunning 3D graphics and 81 large levels of gameplay. Watch the iPad video app demo below for a complete look at the Brick Breaker Ultimate HD iPad game.
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Brick Breaker Ultimate HD iPad App Details

Title: Brick Breaker Ultimate HD
Price: $1.99
Size: 33.1 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Peerless Apps
Store: iTunes App Store

Brick Breaker Ultimate HD iPad App Download Link

Brick Breaker Ultimate HD - Peerless Apps

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Brick Breaker Ultimate HD iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Love to shoot lots of bricks? You have come to the right place! Experience the simplicity of the classic Brick Breaker (aka Breakout) game with high quality graphics. You will enjoy 81 well designed levels that challenge you! The game is super easy to catch up! Enjoy!

❖ High quality graphics (amazing crisp graphics for the New iPad Retina Display)

❖ Game Center. Can you be the player with the highest score? Can you be the player who has broken the most bricks?

❖ 81 Levels

❖ Bricks with many different shiny colors

❖ Various power-ups

❖ With autosave, continue playing where you left off. The exact game state is always saved even in the middle of the game play!

❖ Listen to your own music while playing the game.

The app is compatible and tested with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th generation iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, and The New iPad.

What’s new

This update offers great new features.

1. Universal app. You can now enjoy the game on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

2. The New iPad Retina display support. You will be amazed how crisp the graphics look on your third generation iPad.

3. Game Center: Can you be the player with highest score? Can you be the player who has broken the most bricks?

5. Redesigned graphics for the menus

1. Improved paddle control.

2. Total Stage score is now reported in “Play” menu.

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