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This Unique Matching Blocks Game Will Suck You In!

Blocks Hurt! by Luca Giusti is an awesomely-unique matching blocks game with an interesting twist. Matching blocks is only part of the gameplay in this Games app, the other is trying to keep the freaky creatures off your back. That’s what makes this game so fun to play.



Blocks Hurt! has 4 different game modes: Collect Blocks, Build The Wall, Survive Time, and Kill The Boss. They all involve a matching blocks game, but each has its own spin. For example, Build The Wall gameplay requires you to use blocks to build a wall structure, but while doing so you will have to kill the weird enemy creatures like the funky scarecrows and flying abominations. Think of this game as a game within a game. First, a block puzzle game (with several modes); and second, as an action game involving the killing or juicing of monsters. It’s kind of brilliant. Once you begin to play, you will truly appreciate the creativity of the developer, especially in how Blocks Hurt! actually plays overall .



The 90 levels or battles (as the developer calls them) in this blocks matching game are a series of the first 3 game modes that get increasingly harder. You will need to complete the puzzle mode while fending off advancing monsters (right to left), and if the monsters successfully reach the far left, your battle or level is over. “Kill The Boss” battles will happen every so often, so be prepared to take on a larger monster than in the regular gameplay battles. There are timely power-ups to be had, as well as blocks to be removed, but all require “Monster Juice” to do so. Just so you know, you get Monster Juice from dropping blocks and killing the enemies.

Blocks Hurt! is a very creative and fun puzzle game featuring some interesting “monster-juicing” and blocks matching gameplay that makes this iPhone game a standout.

Blocks Hurt! App Features

– 3 Fanciful scenarios
– 90 Challenging battles
– 4 Different kind of battle
– 5 Huge bosses to defeat
– Many destructive powers & special blocks
– Amusing high quality soundtrack
– 36+ Game Center Achievements
– Optimized for old devices

* 11/07/13, Blocks Hurt! usually sells for $0.99, but if you hurry you can get this matching blocks game for free. Download now using the App Store link below!



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