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Math, age 3-5-Key Early Learning Topics For Kids!

Math, age 3-5 (by EuroTalk) is a kids’ iPhone and iPad app that was created by a team of education experts and features 10 key topics to help prepare young children for school — and the first topic (Sorting and Matching) is FREE! Early learning for young kids is key to helping them get a head start in their education and this app gives kids an extra edge with topics ranging from Sorting and Matching to Counting — laying a good early academic foundation. The 10 topics within this app include: 1) Sorting and Matching, 2) Counting to 3, 3) Lines and Patterns, 4) Counting 4 to 6, 5) Where is it?, 6) Counting 7 to 10, 7) Patterns and Shapes, 8) Counting 1 to 10, 9) Comparing, and 10) Add and take away. Each topic contains 7 activities and 1 quiz at the end of the activity completion where students can earn a completion certificate.

The app provides a virtual teacher to easily explain everything verbally, including the introduction instructions and each of the activities. There is also a button in the upper right of each activity that replays instructions for any activity if need be. The teacher will start off each topic activity with an explanation and then an example of how the student is supposed to solve the problem. All activities also have multiple levels in them to be completed before kids earn a big yellow star burst that shows on the outside of the activity icon. Children will need to work through each fun activity unlocking the next with successful completion of the prior, and then the quiz can be taken, which is represented by a “?” icon in each topic activity pack. The first topic Sorting and Matching is FREE and the remaining 9 topics cost either $1.99 each (individually) or a more economic $9.99 for the entire pack, reducing the price to around $0.99 a topic pack.


There are limited navigational paths for children to take when working in this app, which is a nice feature that helps kids to stay focused on the task at hand. I found the colorful graphics to be cheerfully simple and the interaction and voice of the teacher was quite warm and soothingly familiar (not mechanical). The pace is just right for progressing to each next activity level and kids cannot provide a wrong answer or they will get a funny sound that will indicate to them that they need to figure out the problem, or ask for help. There can be multiple users, but I did not find any statistics in this area, which would provide a nice feature for parents and kids to be able to track the progress made. Math, age 3-5 is more than math, it is also deals with concepts, problem solving, and an introduction to multiple learning disciplines to help your child get a jump on early learning. Be sure to watch the Math, age 3-5 iPad App Video Demo for a complete look at this iOS Universal Education app. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Math, age 3-5 iPad App Details

Title: Math, age 3-5
Price: FREE
Category: Education
Size: 82.1 MB
Developer: EuroTalk
Store: iTunes App Store

Math, age 3-5 iPad App Download Link

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Math, age 3-5 iPad Developers App Description

iOS Universal

A set of ten key topics for the early years of school.
Engaging and fun, they are designed to give children a great start in math. Try Topic 1 for free!

The ten topics:
1 Sorting and matching (yours for free)
2 Counting to 3
3 Lines and patterns
4 Counting 4 to 6
5 Where is it?
6 Counting 7 to 10
7 Patterns and shapes
8 Counting 1 to 10
9 Comparing
10 Add and take away

‘Math, age 3 – 5’ provides …
✔ a teacher figure, who shows ‘how to’
✔ lots of variety, and fun
✔ progression, and plenty of practice
✔ a quiz at the end of each topic, with a certificate to collect
✔ a ‘naming’ button, to personalize the app for your child.

What’s new

✔ Fixes an issue with the incorrect language settings.
✔ Now available in French, German, Finnish, Thai and Chichewa, as well as English (British, American, and Australian).

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