MATH ELEMENTS: BEST EDUCATION GAME 2013 – 10 Years of Research

Based on 10+ years of research, the developers of the MATH ELEMENTS iPad Education app created a classic cat-and-mouse-themed game that lets your child become the teacher. 4-8 year olds will be challenged with 100 levels of fun educational content that meets major international and U.S. Common Core Standards.



Kids will play, teach and learn in MATH ELEMENTS, an award winning iPad game. This Education app will challenge kids with curriculum content in the areas of counting and cardinality, operations and algebraic thinking, measurement, and data and geometry.

To begin, your child will get to choose his or her favorite mouse character and train it through a variety of math related activities led by a wise old owl. Your mouse trains to outsmart the smartest of cat competitors. It’s a math knowledge dash through the 100 levels of gameplay to see who will win each race. 4-8 year olds will start their training sessions in a fun amusement park setting and eventually travel around the world seeing fresh new scenes along the way.



This labyrinth inspired game starts out at the Kindergarten level with 20 un-lockable levels. All levels must be completed one at a time before progressing to the next, which will lead to the 1st and 2nd grade levels of gameplay. These advanced levels contain 40 levels each for a total of 80 levels. And kids will earn awards along the way as they progress to help keep them motivated. All levels in MATH ELEMENTS contain targeted activities that are meant to be played in sequence to help create learning experiences your child will remember.

The MATH ELEMENTS: BEST EDUCATION GAME 2013, Finland! 1st, 2nd and preschool exercise as a math game! app meets major international and U.S. core curriculum requirements for preschool, 1st and 2nd grades (US K-2). And according to the developer, “Math Elements is based on more than 10 years of research, development and evaluation within the award winning Finnish education system that places the individual child as its center.”




– The combination of playing and progressive math learning now all in one game!
– Kid friendly artwork, music and sounds
– 100 beautifully designed background images, for situational association and motivation
– 100 progressive levels of gameplay, each with a rich selection of exercises:
Preschool 20 levels
1st grade 40 levels
2nd grade 40 levels

Educational Content Covers:
*Learn: number representations, number lines, counting, clock-faces, number series, basic shapes, basic mathematical relations etc.
*Units, measures and all elements included in major national curricula
*Curriculum content for all three grades including:
counting and cardinality
operations and algebraic thinking
measurement, data and geometry

* You can enjoy and support your child’s learning progress with an online parental application (coming later 2013)

Recent Awards:
**** Best Educational Learning Solution 2013, eEemeli Awards, The Finnish eLearning Center ****
What Educators Are Saying:
“My students say it’s the best game for the iPad (period). My students scored it a full 10/10”
Irina, Elementary school teacher, 2013

“Learning and fun nicely packaged! The game user interface is clear and well suited to the target audience. The game has a lot of meaningful content, levels, and evenly progressing game play. The graphical background elements and characters change constantly and
they keep the interest up.” The Finnish eLearning Center, 2013

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