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Math Pets Plus! (by Jiayi Chong) is an interactive math learning game focused on teaching middle to high school level geometry and trigonometry. There are 5 fun and engaging casual math games (Function Egg Hatcher, Line Equation Walker, Valiant Vector Defender, Sine Curve Race, and Diviso Fruit Drop) — that are bound to improve your math skills in an engaging way. The developer gives you two unlocked math games to start with (Diviso Fruit Drop and Line Equation Walker) along with 2 participating game creatures to choose from (dinosaur or bird).

Math Pets Plus! iPad app reviewMath Pets Plus! iPad app review

You earn gold coins during gameplay that will enable you to unlock other levels (3) and additional creatures (10) in the process. It’s pretty cool that there are no “real world” in app purchases requiring cold hard cash to unlock additional games or creatures. Math Pets Plus! uses video tutorials to visually walk you through the how-to-play of each mini game and provides a clear demonstration of the math concept. If you want to see how you are progressing, tap on the star-stamped medal icon on the main screen and you’ll see the tracking system display your progress and score. Math Pets Plus! isn’t all about math, there’s also the option to explore your artistic side and have a little carefree fun by tapping on the winged-jar icon on the lower left main page to buy “moving” accessories (hand-drawn stars, butterflies and bird) to decorate your main page with — all bought with your earned gold pieces. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Math Pets Plus! iPad App Details

Title: Math Pets Plus!
Price: $3.99
Size: 24.9 MB
Category: Education
Developer: Jiayi Chong
Store: iTunes App Store

Math Pets Plus! iPad App Download Link

Math Pets Plus! - Jiayi Chong

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Math Pets Plus! iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
# This app is available at a discount through Apple’s App Store Volume Purchase Program. Please go to: for more information.

# Math Pets Plus! was ranked in the top #50 of Educational iPad apps on the iTunes store!

Math Pets Plus! is an educational game environment designed to make learning geometry, functions and trigonometry a fun, social and immersive experience. Math Pets Plus! teaches concepts from middle to high school levels, making it suitable for both students and adults wanting to brush up on their mathematical skills. Topics like line equations, vectors and functions are addressed in the app through a series of dynamic and exciting casual games. Each game takes place in beautifully drawn and animated 2D environments, involving hands-on mechanics to engage the user.

Math Pets Plus! features a collection of unlockable creatures that the player can select to star as the protagonist in the various casual games. In addition to that, the player can exercise his/her artistic creativity by decorating the app with a set of animated hand drawn accessories like glowing stars and flying birds.


* Five unique games designed to be both fun and addictive to help with improving fundamental math skills

* Math topics from middle to high school level are taught in the different casual games. These include line equations, vectors, functions and sine curves

* Different worlds and gameplay mechanics are presented to the player to keep the learning fun and engaging. These include a turn-based castle defense game, hatching creatures from magical eggs, an exciting aerial race and an action-packed fruit collection adventure

* Video tutorials teaching the different math concepts and gameplay mechanisms are included with each casual game

* Track progress and improvements with a fully-featured progress and score board system

* 12 unlockable creatures that can star as the protagonist in each of the casual games

* Unleash your creative potential by decorating the screen with fully animated hand drawn accesories like glowing stars and flying birds

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