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Math Ninja Game That’ll Get Kids Excited About Math

Ice Math Ninja 2 is a cool math ninja game that even the most reluctant young math student will warm up to. This award-winning iPhone and iPad Education app presents basic early-math-learning skills through fun sword-slicing arcade gameplay that’ll take your child to the frozen Icelands with “Pookie and Tushka.”



Ice Math Ninja 2 is part of a series of imaginative math ninja games featuring the 2 aforementioned cute iOS storybook characters. Your child will enter the exciting and frozen number world with Tushka (the polar bear) and Pookie (the penguin) on a heroic mission to save the Icelands from rapidly multiplying frozen numbers.

Wielding a fiery sword and using quick reflexes and sharp math skills, your child will solve a variety of specific math objectives to earn high scores throughout the 3 game modes (Sub-Zero Bomb, Polar Pair and Antarctic Add). There are also additional game modes that you can try out first and purchase through in-app purchase if you’d like more educational game content. The additional game packs provide math drills for other math skills (subtraction and memory, prime numbers up to 100, more addition skills, and division and multiplication).

While playing in the 3 original game modes that come in this math ninja game, kids will barely notice that they’re practicing math drills due to the fun arcade style gameplay that is so appealing to most kids. Sub-Zero Bomb! will have your kids slicing numbers in ascending order while avoiding Zeros. Polar Pair focuses on slicing even and odd numbers. And Arctic Add focuses on addition, having kids slice the sum of the two numbers given. Of course, there are achievements and fun power-ups to earn along the way making the gameplay all that more fun to play. In addition to that, all these math ninja game modes can be played in 3 different difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard). There’s also an exciting and ultra fast Lightning Round that’ll really get the fingers flying (or should I say slicing?).



Ice Math Ninja 2 has an excellent user interface, great sound effects, animations and background story that’ll grab your child’s attention. Have your child watch the cute preview video (Animated Intro) to get him or her inspired about their “heroic” mission with Pookie and Tushka. I found the music slightly distracting, and if you think so too, it can be turned off in the Settings.

Although the developer states that this math ninja game will “guide children of all ages through several arcade math challenges,” the Pookie and Tushka characters will probably appeal more to the younger kids in the 5-11 year range. There’s lots of humor and encouragement as kids progress through this math ninja game. Pookie the penguin is always there to offer words of encouragement to Tushka when the game ends before completing the objective. And Tushka adds a bit of humble humor and reaffirming words to encourage your child to go another round. Having said all that, you should know that some of this quick math arcade gameplay will give even adults a run for their money.



So if you’re looking for a fun math ninja game that your kids will warm up to, check out Ice Math Ninja 2 (by Pers). You can download this top-rated Education app now using the App Store link below.

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