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At first glance, “Max and the Magic Marker” may seem like like a very ‘kid-oriented’ game, but upon further inspection you will find that it is not only aimed at providing a bunch of fun for kids, but also teens (like myself) as well as older people (like CrazyMike). The basic mechanics of the game are fairly simple in the first couple of levels. What you need to do in each level is make it to the end quickly, and you need to use your marker while you’re at it. You can pick up ‘ink balls’ along the way which will give you ink for your marker which you will use on your little journey. You can double-tap at any time to gather up all of the ink you have used and have it refill your marker. You will use your marker to do various things from building bridges to get the the other side of a cliff, making mini-stairways, and more. There are a large amount of levels to explore and with the latest update, you can now customize your control setup. This can make using the game much more enjoyable. There are various enemies, and you can even drop large ‘balls’ of your marker drawing on top of an enemy to squash it like a bug! The graphics look very well done and the sound effects and music are high quality. Overall, it is a nice game with many levels to keep you entertained! Slimothy

Max and the Magic Marker App Details

Title: Max and the Magic Marker
Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
Developer: Electronic Arts
Store: iTunes App Store

Developers Website

CrazyMikesapps Head Rating 4.5 out of heads

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Max and the Magic Marker - Electronic Arts

Max and the Magic Marker iPhone Game App

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

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