One Of The Most Fun Apps For Kids, Maya the Bee: Flower Party

Maya the Bee and all her insect friends are planning a lovely outdoor birthday party in one of the most fun apps for kids, but these cute characters will need some help to make it all happen. If you don’t know Maya the Bee, she is the classic storybook and television character who has warmed the hearts of young kids all around the world for decades now. And now your kids can get to know Maya the Bee, Flip, Willy, and all her other friends in the official Maya the Bee: Flower Party app by Studio 100 and mixtvision DIGITAL. This iOS Universal Games app is one of the most fun apps for young kids because it takes them on a magical trip to an imaginary and whimsical woodland setting where they are free to play any and all of these fun educational mini games which supply Maya’s party, bit by bit, with dazzling decorations, tasty fruit, dancing guests and more.

Maya The Bee Fun Apps For Kids

Besides the lovable characters, the Maya the Bee: Flower Party app comes with 10 language choices, colorful and vibrant 2D and 3D graphics with amazing animations, playful and lighthearted music, and 6 fun educational mini games that focus on numbers, colors, music, memory matching and more to engage young kids as they play. It is no wonder that this “Edugame” is one of the most fun apps for kids to learn and play in. Upon opening the app, kids will be see Maya the Bee and friends in 3 fantastical woodland settings, which they can swipe left or right to scroll through to see all the different characters, as well as access the variety of educational games. But since Maya and her friends are a quiet bunch, kids will have to use their observation skills to determine what the objective is in each activity. However, Maya and her friends will let your kids know if they’re on the right track or not with “yes” and “no” type gestures.

Fun Apps For Kids

All your child has to do to get the party planning started is tap on a character and he or she will be whisked away to a mini game of choice. Mini games include a musical jam session on stage with Maya, Flip and Ben. Kids get to choose which characters will play what instrument from the 4 available: guitar, violin, keyboard or silly flower flute. There is also a memory matching game where kids will tap to reveal hidden characters inside each of the flower buds, and when a match is made the flowers will bloom.

Kids will also enjoy the hide-and-seek game to find all the characters cleverly hidden in the colorful background. Another game features Flip’s bubble thoughts and kids will have to pop the matching number, color or size bubble that matches Flip’s. All these games work together to supply Maya’s party with everything a festive party needs. When playing the fruit-themed puzzle game with Willy, kids will put simple fruit puzzles together and place fruit in its correct cut outs to supply the party with sweet fruit. There is also a finger tracing game where kids trace the given shapes to reveal special party items like paper lanterns that are used to decorate the party setting with.

Maya The Bee Flower Party Fun Apps For Kids

You will find that Maya the Bee: Flower Party is among one of the most fun apps for kids, allowing them to play freely, explore, learn and use their imagination in an entertaining and fantastical setting with lovable characters, Maya the Bee and friends.

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