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Seriously Puzzling Maze App – Fatty Maze’s Adventures

Fatty Maze’s Adventures is one of the most creative and difficult maze apps I have ever played. Stranded in a giant maze, you must figure a way out of the 50 challenging mazes by smashing walls, moving crates, traveling by boat, and using other objects to find the treasure you were looking for in the first place. Most people are fascinated by mazes — I know I am. This iOS Universal maze app does not disappoint. It has some very slick HD graphics work, an entertaining character ala “Fatty Maze” and some seriously challenging maze puzzles to conquer.

Fatty Maze’s Adventure begins when our chubby little friend takes off to pursue hidden treasure, in an apparent attempt to become rich. Unfortunately for him, his bad luck strands him in a strange land filled with giant mazes. Currently there are 4 environments (Study, Jungle, Ice, and Sand). Each game area in this maze app will test your logic skills beginning with the Study, that is more or less a tutorial game pack. The object of all mazes is to get Fatty Maze out through the locked gate door. This requires finding the key using a variety of objects for each unique environment.

The Jungle is up next filled with machetes, hammers, pegs, bones, and other objects you will need to use to find your way out of each maze. Each game pack has a unique environmental challenge, and in the Jungle game pack you will have to fight your way through the thick fog, which at times makes your chubby hero a little hard to see. The Ice maze levels feature ice obstacles like cracked ice, polar bears and the environmental challenge in this area is the “dark.” Fatty Maze does have a flashlight, but it gets pretty dark in the cold tundra. The Sand area is hot and you will have to deal with sand storms in these more difficult levels.


The mazes in this maze app get rather difficult, I mean difficult after just a couple levels in any game pack. Once you get to any level 10+, make sure you take some extra ginkgo biloba so you can put your brain muscles to work at optimal level. I found the blocks required to push down to be the hardest puzzle portion of this game, and the teleporters are a close second. I have played a gazillion (okay, not for real) puzzle games, and I can truly say (to date) that this is one of the most challenging. Thankfully, Fatty Maze’s Adventure also comes in a lite version (Fatty Maze’s Adventure Lite), that let’s you check out the app challenges for free before deciding to purchase. I think the next app the developer (Andrey Tryakshin) should make is The Fatty Maze’s Solution app. You’ll enjoy playing either one.

Want to see how this maze app works? Watch our Fatty Maze’s Adventure iPad App Video Review for a complete look at all game areas and features this iOS Universal Games application offers.

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  1. Very well made game, some mazes are extremely challenging, but fun! You will get your money’s worth in gameplay.