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Meal Planning by Food on the Table – Easy, Organized Eating

As far as meal planning apps go, Meal Planning by Food on the Table is a great Free resource for people who have hungry families to feed. Discover a wealth of dishes, practical search filters and more to help you plan meals, spend less time, and save money at the grocery store. This Food & Drink app comes with bonus extras like Spotlighted recipes, cooking tips, quotes, and tidbits of humor to make you laugh.

After signing in with a Facebook or email address, you select your choice grocery store because this app pulls in your store’s sales circular to help you plan your meals around sale items in order to save you money. There are useful “Preference” filters to suit your needs like: Quick, Simple, and Everyday ingredients. You can “Browse” and filter by meat choices, kinds of dishes (casserole, crockpot, soups), and menu restrictions: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Low Fat, etc.

You can get listed ingredients by simply typing in a dish name in this meal planning app. Type in something like “chili” and this feature brings back suggested common ingredients. Meal Planning by Food on the Table allows you to add recipes to your “Recipe Box” from your favorite: Blogs & Sites, Chefs, TV Networks, Products, and Magazines. Just to name a few sources, you’ll see Allrecipes, The Pioneer Woman, Delia, Emeril, BBC Food, Food Network, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Better Homes & Gardens, and Bon Appetit. One really cool function with this feature is that the app scans the web source page for a recipe and if found, it offers you the option to “Add to Recipe Box.” Another good point, this meal planning app keeps you inside the app.



One of my favorite features in this iPhone app is the “On Hand.” You type in (up to) 3 ingredients that you have at home and the app pulls recipes from its database to provide meal options. I really like the concept of this feature, but was disappointed when several of the dishes were not good fits for me because I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed to make the complete dish. Still a great feature, nonetheless.

Another feature I’m always looking for is a serving size adjuster. This app has it. Meal Planning by Food on the Table also creates an organized Grocery List automatically from the meals you place in your meal planner. It also highlights any sale ingredients. You can add custom items to the list and choose from some of their created tags. The calendar function lets you assign specific dates to your planned meals.

I like how this iPhone app sprinkles in cooking tips, quotes, and “Just for Laughs” that you can shared with others on Facebook. The only real con I can see to this Free app is that it’s subscription based. In the Free version you can only add 7 meal entries per week. I went to the website (which is great), you can upgrade for additional recipes and benefits, but it’s going to cost you $15 for 3 months and roughly $105 a year. Whether you stick with the free version of this free cooking app or go subscription based, you’ll definitely feel good about everything this app has to offer.

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