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Medical App iTriage – Find Out What’s Wrong with You!

Medical app iTriage (by Healthagen LLC) will give you some peace of mind. Especially, when it comes to finding potential answers to your family’s health concerns for symptoms, causes, conditions, for sicknesses or disease. This iOS Universal medical app was created by 2 emergency room (ER) doctors. The information in this medical app is for regular people like you and me. Simple and reliable healthcare information and resources to assist us when making plans for medical treatment. iTriage provides information on thousands of health symptoms, conditions, medical procedures, medications, hotlines, doctor listings, and nationwide directories for medical facilities. This medical app even includes a place to record your insurance and other health related information inside the app. There is also well the option to read available health related news articles and more.

The fact that this iPhone and iPad medical app was created by 2 doctors and that its medical content is reviewed by Harvard Medical School, definitely adds to the overall credibility factor for this app. iTriage has an excellent and easy to use user interface packed with a lot of applicable content. Most everything in this app is listed A-Z under a variety of sub categories. There is also a simple 3D model of the human body (male/female) that allows you to rotate and tap various parts of the body to get targeted feedback on possible symptoms. You’ll get back a list of possible causes for the symptoms and it’s up to you to explore the specific conditions to see which ones may be causing your problems.

If you prefer to bypass the human model, you can go right to the A-Z Symptoms listing to search and discover. Here you can find if any listed symptoms match yours such as ankle pain, bloody nose, body aches, fever, etc. These can be further filtered through: Show All, Common, Pediatric, and Life Threatening categories. Once you’ve found your symptom, you’ll find a whole bunch of relevant information. The information is nicely categorized into a list format that covers the bulk of what this medical app is all about. You’ll see categories like: Find Medical Help Near You, Description, Symptoms, Tests, Treatment, Images, Videos, Further Reading, Advice Hotline, and Share.


At anytime, you can browse any of the 9 main categories (Symptoms, Conditions, My Triage, Doctors, Medications, Hotlines, Facilities, Procedures and News) and 2 lesser categories (About and Survey) from the iTriage Home Screen. Within each of these main categories are specialized sub categories with relevant information to discover. One sub category that I almost missed was a simple Medical Glossary hidden in the “About” category.

I found a lot of helpful information throughout this medical app, such as a list of over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs to treat different conditions, when applicable for treatment. I also liked that the listed drugs (in the Medications category) also provided both the generic and brand names of prescription drugs. However, I think the list only shows most commonly used drugs. On the topic of medication, you’ll find more sub categories giving explanation on things like what a drug is used to treat, Overdose Instructions, Forgotten Dose, and more. In the Medical Procedures category, there are subcategories for Specialists, Possible Complications and Average Cost. In the My iTriage category, you can record your insurance information, Health information, along with your saved conditions and procedures from within the app (the ones you favorited). This medical app does come with some extra perks such as a Pharmacy Discount Card to hopefully save you money (although I have no idea how good it is). And if you have a little time to kill or want to become more informed, why not visit the News category and read health-related articles or test your knowledge by answering some Health Trivia questions?

If you’re in need of a doctor, you can find doctors listed by convenient categories according to their area of specialty. And when trying to determine your level of medical attention needed, this medical app gives a wide range of nationwide directories for medical facilities: from the pharmacy, walk in clinic, doctors in your area, and listed hospitals. This Healthcare & Fitness app even lists Home Health Care, Outpatient facilities and Government subsidized clinics for low income patients — down to the approximate emergency room wait times (where applicable). To get directions and find doctors near you, this information is pulled in through GPS, your IP address, or entered zip code. There are helpful hotlines with numbers for 911 Emergency and National Hotlines (Police-non emergency, Poison Control, Suicide Hotline, Domestic Abuse), as well as a nurse Advice hotline for members of the specified insurance companies listed within the application. All numbers are ready and waiting. Once you tap on a number you have the option to Call it immediately or Cancel.

The iTriage medical app offers way too many features and functionality to completely list, but I can tell you it has a large amount of quality information to inform and guide you on “Thousands of medical symptoms, diseases, conditions, procedures, medications and drugs,” along with a ton of other useful information to help you determine your plan of action when seeking treatment, whether it’s as simple as picking up an over-the-counter medication at the pharmacy to treat a cold, finding a doctor’s office to make an appointment to double check a persisting symptom, or something much more serious like heading to the ER.

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