Melon Truck, New, Challenging iPhone Puzzle Game

Puzzle games for the iPhone are one of the largest genera’s in the iTunes App Store. Melon Truck is a new iPhone puzzle game that is more challenging than most and in a good way. The object of Melon Truck is to shoot watermelons out of a truck using the correct angle and speed to land the melon into specific point buckets. This would appear to be over easy, but there are some requirements that make passing each level rather difficult. There are negative point buckets as well as negative point power ups that get in your way of scoring 1600 points (required to pass each level). Users get only 3 melons each level to get the 1600 points to complete a level and move on. The developer taunts users to try to complete all levels with 3000 points (max possible) and if done this will unlock secret levels. I found when I used the angle and speed instead of blindly shooting I did much better, fun game! Watch the iPhone app video for a demonstration of this application. CM

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